fashion rules
fashion rules

As the saying goes, rules are meant to be broken and its the same in fashion, otherwise it would never evolve. Men would still be wearing tight palazzo pants, and women would still be hiding their body. Below are some outdated fashion rules you need to break in order to set yourself free!

#1: Your bag and shoes must match.

Hello! It’s 2017 and nobody does that anymore. If they happen to match, it’s no big deal, but the modern look is to use an accessory to add a pop of color not color code everything you wear.

#2: You can’t wear black with navy.

They are both neutrals (like white, khaki, and brown), and it’s perfectly fine to pair any neutral with another one. The trick is to make the combination look intentional by choosing a medium navy (rather than a dark navy) for some contrast.

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#3: Don’t mix prints.

What? Why not? The easiest way to pull this off is to find two patterns with a common color palette, or pair a bright print with a neutral print.

#4: Never blend gold and silver jewelry.

Remember how I told you black and navy are neutrals? Well, guess what, so are gold and silver. You can absolutely wear them at once. Just layer them evenly, or use a mixed metallic statement piece to pull it together.

#5: Sparkle for only the evening.

Shiny pieces instantly add oomph to an outfit. As long as the other pieces you have on say ‘daytime,’ you won’t look like you’re 12 hours early for an evening party.

So there you have it. Next time you feel like wearing silver and gold jewelry, do not be afraid to.

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