Whether you are still an undergraduate in the University or a fresh graduate just seeking for job opportunities, as far as you are under 25, you need to take your appearance seriously as it goes a long way to defined how people address you.Though many young men within this age bracket tend to be less concerned about their dress sense except for the fashionistas, but this wrong.

We need you looking smart and classy everytime you step out, so we have put together some important tips to guide you when styling your outfit.But before we discuss the tips, we need you to understand that your confidence matters a lot in your outfit, so you have to go for outfits you are comfortable in at all times.

You should also know what you want. Of course not all clothing pieces would suit you, you still need to have a sense of style. Know if you are a conservative or flamboyant dresser, and ensure your sense of style matches with your personality.

Making a good first impression doesn’t start from what you alter but the message you send with your appearance. So at all times you should endeavor to dress, presentable and smart.

Now here are some important tips that would be very helpful for you:
1. Wristwatches
We are not saying it should be of  very high quality, just get yourself good and functional ones within the  average prices , they are still very much available . Wristwatches adds a touch of professionalism and elegance to your entire outfit. Especially if you would be wearing a dress shirt that requires cuff links. It might not be very expensive, considering that you aren’t earning so much yet , but it would still add the required sense of style to your outfit.

Great footwears for under 25 men [ Source : Instagram- Denola Grey] 
2. Your footwear
Despite been worn on the foot,  footwear have significant  effect on your outfit  . If you are fond of slippers or sneakers, time to change your wardrobe.
If you won’t spend money on anything, a pair of good, quality shoes is an excellent investment.
Save up for a pair of formal leather shoes that would last longer and still be quite functional for meeting up with clients or other formal events.

3.Avoid wrinkled clothes!
No matter how elegant or how high the quality of a cloth is, when rumpled, it is a big NO. Rumpled clothes ain’t allowed at all as they give  irresponsible look and wont allow people spare you  the listening time you need to make a better impression. So it essential you get you clothes ironed properly before wearing the,  avoid  wearing clothes with burnt marks.

Adding hangers to your budget is also a good idea. You can iron your clothes before hand and hang them neatly till they are needed. This will help not just to save time but to prevent issues when there is interrupted power supply. You can also give up your luxurious wears for laundry service.

Well fitted suit for under 25 { Source: Instagram- Denola Grey}

4. Own a well-fitted suit
This is a must have for every businessman starting from under 25 , whether aspiring or not. Suits are essential for formal events like galas, sinners and formal meetings with clients. You want to look professional in these instances. It is also quite necessary if you are going to create business connections with people.
For suits, quality is very essential and a necessary requirement. Avoid buying knew that are out of style or outdated.

5. Ignore fashion trends

If you aren’t earning so much yet,’ following the changing fashion trends might be very disastrous. It is a very expensive past time and would dry up your money resources. You don’t have to keep changing your wardrobe with the changing fashion trends, go for timeless fashion pieces whose style disentangle seem to go out the market. Ones that can Last for long and still make you blend know perfectly even after a few years.

Above all, you need to develop your personal style. It’s time to throw out your hoods and stock up on dress shirts, pants, quality belts and shoes, and maybe one or two jeans for informal gatherings. You never can tell the exact time you would need them.

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