It is a well known fact that hand bags are compulsory accessories for every woman. Women generally are very fashionable by nature and they tend to carry a lot of stuffs around. The amount or types of things they carry around differs, depending on their needor the kind of occasions they are going to. These hand bag items may range from make up items to tissue papers to phones.
It would be quite unseemly to see a woman logging all these stuffs around on her palm, even after the amazing designer outfit, hence the need for handbags.

Hand bags have been around for decades and were created for the sole purpose of easing the arm load and for carrying female essentials.
Originally born from tiny purses, they evolved into something large enough to hold important documents and other necessities of choice.

Different designs of handbags have been produced over the years by designer brands and upcoming designers.
Handbags are important accessories that are carried not just to keep one’s essentials, but also to complete the general outlook. Shoes and jewelries are not just enough, you need to think hand bags.

Due to the diversities in designs of hand bags, they have been created in different sizes and unique shapes, each meant to suit the different occasions, ranging from formal events to everyday work activities or to a casual meeting.
The availability of variet of sizes and shapes, many get confuse on the perfect bags for different events.

For example, in a formal event like a dinner, one is expected to wear dinner wear, preferably a dress. Of course the dress have to be fitting and match perfectly with the other accessories, jewelries and shoes included in order to create a cool and classy look. Now, carrying a bucket bag to that kind of occasion would be a big no. The kind of bag that should be carried to such an event is one that while complementing the general outfit also leaves room for the entire outlook to be perfectly showcased, blending perfectly with all the items to create a fabulous final look, Not blocking the general view or stealing all attention to itself.

We have compiled five very important tips that would definitely help you choose the kind of bag to carry for your next occasion.

1. Consider the type of event you are attending 
When choosing the type of bag to carry, this is the first thing to think of. What type of event are you going to? Each event requires a specific type of bag. The type of bag that you are to choose should complement your dress and also go well with your comfort level.
A holiday party, dinner, luncheon,? Is it going to last for hours?, Are you going to be meeting dignitaries?.is it a fashion event? All these must be put into consideration to avoid carrying a bag that would ruin your outfit, effectively ruining your confidence level. Also take note of the amount of time you are going to spend there and choose an appropriate bag. Choose a bag that best goes with your comfort level. One that you can easily carry around. For such occasions e.g a dinner, a clutch purse with a thin shoulder strap that you can put on your shoulders out of the way is most preferable, instead of a big tofu bag that would only end up leaving you tired. Before choosing a bag, consider the event you are going to.

2. You need to take note of your bags’ design
After considering the event you are going for. You need to take note of the design of the bag that you would be carrying. Day bags are quite different from night bags. Not just in their colors, their designs matter also. Spacious, crescent shaped bags are supposed to be for day time. For example, a baguette is a bag that is shaped in form of a French loaf of bread. Of course you shouldn’t be found carrying such a bag in the evening. It is suited for the day time, when you are wearing casual wear like a pair of jeans, not night time where every woman is expected to turn into a princess, a time to finally come out and wear that dress you have been dying to wear.

3. Consider the necessary things you need to carry
This should then be the next point of action. You need to make a clear outline of the things you need to carry. From your phone down to your make up. If the event is a business meeting, you might need to carry some documents along. You would then be required to choose an appropriate bag that be able to fit these documents. Choose a bag that would totally encompass the document not a small one that will leave about half of them sticking out of the bag.
Make a list of what you would be carrying then choose a bag that can contain everything. For formal events however, the amount of things should should carry should be limited. Your phone and for make up, a tube of lipstick stick and powder box should be enough. You don’t have to start lugging around your full box of make up. You need to appear calm and collected.

4. Choose a bag that best complements your outfit.
The next point of action would be choosing a bag that best complement your outfit. Bags like your shoes matter and should complement each other and whatever cloth you are putting on. You don’t have to make sure the bag matches your clothes or shoes exactly. It must contrast nicely, blending perfectly in an exotic mix of colors to give you the preferred look. For an evening event, you need to choose an evening bag, one that would best go with that evening dress. And remember, for evening events, the smaller the bag, the more preferable it is.

5. Versatile bags are preferable
So that you won’t be caught in a rut, or appear under or over dressed, bags that goes with almost all event would be preferable. Be sure to buy bags that can go for work and can also work perfectly for a date. Invest wisely on quality bags. It might look beautiful but would it last up to a year? These are important points you should take note of. Hand bags make a statement of their own. One can easily tell your sense of style by the kind of bag you carry. Make a fashion statement with your hand bag. Choose one that best fits your personality, not one that would look like it doesnt belong to you or perhaps you borrowed it.

Hand bags are very essential accessories that have the ability to make or destroy a particular outfit. Care have to be taken on the type of bag to carry. For your next occasion you can make use of these points to choose the appropriate bag that best suits the occasion.

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