Scarves are those long strips of clothing, usually square or rectangular, made from left over clothing materials or designed separately which can worn on specific parts of the body, especially the head. It is often used as a head covering.

Scarves can be made from different kind of materials includit wool, cotton, cashmere, linen or chiffon.

Scarves, for decades past have been used as a fashion item serving dual purposes, especially during the cold seasons like winter.

It’s the yuletide season and we cant help but wonder, is scarves a fashionable item this season or not? Will it go with all our designer party dressed or ruin our entire outfit.

We think scarves would make a good fashion piece that would go perfectly with the entire outfit, completing instead of ruining the entire look. Here are our reasons:

1. Scarves can complete the entire outfit.
We know several lather items can complete the general look of a particular outfit, however, for scarves, it is very different. Scarves can complete the entire outfit alone! Isn’t this amazing.
This simply means that you don’t have to put on a whole truck load of jewelries or other accessories, scarves alone can complete the entire outfit, giving you that fashionable look you so desire. Doubt us? Then try wearing just a scarf with nothing other that a pair of loop earrings. You can even do without the earrings if you would be putting your hair down.
For guys, all you have to do is simply wear the scarf around your neck and the style is complete.

2. Scarves gives you a sense of style
Scarves have the ability to give you a sense of style. This is because, scarves have been associated with different designers and brands like Hermes, Versace and the rest.
To add that tiny sparkle of style, that has the potency of an inferno, you can add a designer scarf. Even if the rest of your outfit is not fashionable, the scarf alone is enough to turn what would have been a fashion disaster to an item of fashion.

3. Scarves protect you from cold
We cannot emphasize on this point enough
With the yuletide season comes cold and with the cold weather comes the need to wear appropriate clothing g that can protect one from cold.
One have to look fashionable to every event or party scheduled for this season but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your health. You still need to think of your well being first. You can choose a fashionable scarf to protect you from cold and also make you look fashionable effectively completing the entire outfit and blending perfectly with the rest of the clothing.
4. Scarves makes a strong fashion statement and boosts your confidence
This is so true! Scarves are so valuable a fashion item that they make a loud statement and in the process boosts your confidence.
There are many events and parties outlined for the season. And of course you have to make a loud fashion statement everywhere you go. It is quite obvious that with new events come new people and of course connections, as you can never tell who you will meet at any function. So you need to make a fashion statement. One way to do this is by wearing a designer scarf.
Blinks and other shiny accessories won’t help you now, in fact because if the sun, they might appear too glaring and end up a major turn off. Scarves comes in different materials, designs and patterns that can go with just any clothing. Want to go for an event this season, wear a scarf and thank us later.

5. Scarves are an investment fashion accessory
Even if you have a very scanty wardrobe with too few wears, buying scarves will make your wardrobe look plentiful.
Even if you wear a particular outfit frequently, it will be extremely difficult to tell that you are repeating your clothing because each day, you get to change the colour of scarf to a different one.

Scarves are grossly in expensive and can fit into your budget easily without straining your reserves. They are an investment accessory that doesn’t go out of fashion so you don’t need to bother about change in fashion trends all the time. Just think scarves.

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