Asides protecting you from cold in the appropriate weather, V-neck necked sweater is an important asset as well as a fashionable item that every man should own.
It is a stylish fashion piece that can be worn on formal or informal outfit and it ends up complementing it perfectly.
V-neck sweaters can be worn formally for dinners or galas and can also be worn for a casual meeting with friends, depending on how it is worn and the outfit it worn with.

Now lets take you through the different types of v-sweaters you can get for yourself:
1. Plain V-neck sweaters
This  goes  well with all kinds of outfits , and can be worn to events  ranging from casual, semi-formal to formal event .
Grey, brown, black or neutral colored sweaters that are not too flashy are most ideal as they are not too sharp and do not contrast starkly with the entire outfit, instead blending perfectly, Creating a very fashionable and stylish look.
Choose the color that best suits your complexion. However, the darker colored ones are best for cold seasons.

2. Argyle v-neck sweater
This is a spotted sweater. Although more casual than the first, it can also be worn with everything, provided the clothing matches the wearer for best fit and the colored are from the same color palette.
One has to be more conscious to ensure that the colors are well coordinated and doesnt contrast. A too sharp sweater like all brightly colored fashion pieces would take all the attention away from the other fashion piece, drawing it to itself and literally rob the others of color.

3. Cable knit v-neck sweater
This sweater is usually patterned. They are mainly associated with vertical Criss-crossed lines in the manner of crossing cables.
Majority of these are handmade and naturally they are thicker than the others, hence best suited for cold environments and seasons as they cannot be worn in summer.

To get the best effect of v-neck sweaters, how they are worn and what they are worn with matters. Asides the fact that they somewhat protect the clothes, they also add their own unique splash of style and class. Here are some outfit you can wear them with:

1. Dress shirts
V-necked sweaters are great with dress shirts. If not for anything, for that touch of class it adds to the general outlook.
For this, pick the  one whose  color goes perfectly with your chosen outfit  anytime you wish to wear it . A tie can be worn on the inside of the sweater. It can also be forgone. Either way works fine. The common mistake most people make however is put the collar outside the sweater. This is a faux pas. The collar should be worn inside the sweater for best overall look.

2. Plain undershirts
V-neck sweater can also be worn with a plain colored undershirt, preferably white.
This look is most suited for casual or semi-formal events.
Form fitting undershirts can be worn under these sweaters and blended perfectly with jeans.

Patterned sweaters are most suitable. Flamboyant colors or dull, depending on the taste can be selected, this is due to the neutral background the white undershirt creates. Basically anything can be paired with white.

3. Suit jacket
Sweaters can be paired with a suit or sport jacket for a classy and professional look.
The best advantage this ensemble provides is that it best displays the tie to perfection and also blends in with color coordination to avoid color blockage.
When paired with a suit, a waistcoat can be forgone and in its place, a sweater, especially the crew cut ones.However, for a formal ensemble, conservative colors will best suit.


Read our guidelines on v-sweater and put them to use 

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