I know before now you only thought clear nail polish is only good for your nails alone but you’re so wrong. Clear nail polish can be used for so much more and these tricks will open your eyes to 10 brilliant alternative ways you can use it asides using it to coat your nails.

1. Did you know that you can protect your accessories from tarnish by applying a thin coat of clear nail polish all over it? Amazing trick, right?

2. Make your shirt’s buttons more fixed by applying a coat of clear nail polish on the threads.

3. Some see-through tights are very delicate they break while you’re getting dressed, so, when this little tear happens, apply a little bit of clear nail polish on it to stop it from running and getting bigger.

4. Having a problem with inserting the thread into the needle? Just dip the tip of the thread into clear nail polish and it’ll make it firmer and easier to insert.

5. Are your glasses’ handles loose now from too much usage? All you have to do is apply clear nail polish on the edges of both hands, and this will tighten them.

6. Clear nail polish can help you put back fallen jewelry pieces together by using it like glue. So, if you lose any sparkly rock from your ring, just apply a little bit of clear nail polish and glue it back to its place.

7. Clear nail polish is also a great way to make a rough wooden texture more smooth.

8. If you need to seal an envelope, you can also use clear nail polish.

9. If you like to write name-tags on jars, just apply a thin layer of clear nail polish on when you’re done to make them last longer.

10. Shoe buckles can get easily scratched, so in order to protect them, just apply a thin layer of clear nail polish on them, and you’re ready to go.

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