Most tooth paste advert, always try to make us understand that  there’s a sensation that comes from having a pure white teeth. Some school of thoughts also associate this to being naturally sexy.

This arise the interest of many to keep a white tooth at all cost especially ladies. We know there are lots of products out there that are created to help your teeth stay white. Some actually works well but after a short while your teeth gets back to it previous colour. While others don’t even work at all.

Instead of spending so much to get your teeth to becoming white,we have discovered some natural foods and fruit that can help you keep your teeth white without stress.

Natural Teeth Whitener

Now lets take you through them:

Yes water! We know you are surprised. But itt really does a great work in keeping your teeth white because it  keeps you hydrated and smiling bright.

For water to do the whitening job, ensure you sip and swish  it between glasses of wine and when eating dark, pigmented foods to prevent staining. Just be sure to drink still over sparkling because bubbles can erode enamel and harm teeth.

When you do this your teeth will stay white.

2. Strawberries

Don’t be deceived by the red colour, it can actually help out with the white magic. Malic acid, which is a chief component of strawberries, acts as a natural astringent to remove surface tooth discoloration, professional dentists confirmed it.  So eating them frequently will help you keep your tooth white!

3. Onions

Yeah Onions hurt your eyes very well and they don’t even work wonders for your breath, but the sulfur compounds contained in onions keep plaque from forming on your teeth.
But you must understand that the anti-plaque powers only work when you eat onions raw.

4. Apples

If you love eating apple very much,you’re really helping your teeth stay white.  An apple is actually helping to strengthen your gums, and the fruit’s high water content increases saliva production.
Not the most attractive thing to think about, but that extra spit washes away bacteria that can lead to discoloration.

5. Baking Soda

Everyone is used to using tooth paste daily but once in a while you can try brushing with baking soda, which acts like a bleaching agent on the tooth.

The “soda” which is actually a form of salt actually helps scrubs off plaque and surface stains. It is a super whitening agent.

6. Oranges

Orange fruit is consumed by most people daily without them knowing it can serve as  a good teeth whitening agent.
The flesh of this sweet, delicious fruit helps neutralize the acid in your mouth that causes decay.

So when you’re done drinking it. You can as well use the flesh to keep your teeth white.

7. Broccoli

Thus High-fiber, coarse foods also act as scrubbing agents for the tooth.  Its a great idea to add  them on your salad for a quick, natural mid-day brush.


Little do you know that the hard cheese, like the little blocks you get on those delicious appetizer trays, is full of calcium, which strengthens teeth and gums.

Casein, which is a milk protein found in cheese, has been proven by experts to reduce the loss of minerals from tooth enamel.So next time you find cheese in your pizza, eat it well.

9. Dairy products

You aren’t aware but dairy products like yogurt and milk contain lactic acid and the enamel-fortifying mineral calcium, which not only whiten teeth, but strengthen them, too.

10. Pears
The last whitener on our list is pear. Guess what? The flesh of this sweet, delicious fruit helps neutralize the acid in your mouth that causes decay.

Now that you’re aware  the above are great natural whiteners you should consume them more if you need white tooth.

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