That’s the thing with fashion – it changes! And with trends getting in and out every day, it’s hard to keep up with all the change. What’s harder is to keep buying new clothes all the time! So, what do you do to keep your current wardrobe in style? The key is to accessorize right and give life to an old, worn out outfit! Here are a few accessories trends that will be around for a long time.

1) Scarves
Ever seen yourself staring at the air hostesses wearing scarves and all you could think about is how effortlessly chic they look? Absolutely gorgeous. Pick a silk printed scarf and choker tie it with your white shirt outfit or just tie a cotton scarf as a head band with a cool dress. Bright check scarves or dull ones with your over-sized sweaters will definitely keep you in game.

2) Belts
The double buckle belt has re-emerge. Try teaming these stylish belts with your high waist flared jeans or the metallic buckles to match your pencil skirt at work.

3) Statement earrings
Earring trend is a major head turner. Now, isn’t that the most convenient thing ever? Pick the most chunky one piece and add flavor to your outfit. The best part about it? You don’t have to throw your favourite earring of which you lost one. Just wear the one left and be stylish!

4) Layered necklaces
You don’t even have to go shopping for this one. Both your old necklaces and your pocket will thank you for this. Just clean your drawer and place your metallic neckpieces together and beads and pearls can have their awesome reunion. Try layering these at your next party and grab all the attention.

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