At the first quarter of each year, the fashion world comes together to give us a healthy dose of style inspiration. And although trends are forecasted on the runway, the streets outside the shows have become the real runway to determine what to wear before the new collections hit stores. As the first quarter comes to an end, take note from the industry’s most stylish on what you need in your closet ASAP to stay ahead of the curve.

Chain Sunglasses

Sunglasses have had the spotlight for the past few seasons with Matrix-style frames and bright hues, and now even more eye-catching with a chain attached. This funky trend is making a comeback as seen in top fashion collaborations.


Fiery colors like reds and oranges were present with yellow appearing as more than just an accessorizing pop of color. Try the bold trend with a yellow blazer/jacket over an all black ensemble or even a simple sweater under a suit to really make an entrance.

Statement Belts

No longer just an accessory of function, belts were the main attraction on the streets this year. Seen fastened around a suit, coat, or even tied and draped down to the knee, American brands like Off-White have paved the way for even a seat buckle being acceptable in your closet. The bolder, the better.

Translucent Bags

Even the day-to-day necessities were outfit accessories this season with clear handbags that showcased everything from your phone case, makeup bag, and chargers.

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