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Thick curly natural hair is great for achieving the ultimate twist out or that beautiful tri-bun style but, in between styling, taking care of thick curly hair can be overwhelming, and sometimes you don’t know how to go about the numerous challenges that accompany your hair. Tangles, breakage and knotting, can completely ruin what started out as a serene wash day, leaving you discouraged and your hair neglected.

We came bearing good news, do you know that caring for thick hair no longer has to be daunting and time consuming?

Understanding your hair type and how it responds to moisture, manipulation and weather conditions, can cut the time you spend caring for your hair in half and lead to pleasurable wash days with no tears or fears in sight.

Here are five easy tips to keep in mind when caring for your thick natural hair:

1. Keep Hair Hydrated: Moisture is the holy grail when it comes to manipulating thick hair. Water, mixed with your favorite conditioner and aloe vera juice is a great mix and safe to use daily. Spritz hair with the mixture whenever you need to re-bun, detangle or create a quick twist. Natural hair loves moisture and the ticker the hair the more moisture it requires to stay hydrated.

2. Seal In Moisture: Castor oil, vegetable glycerine, and flaxseed gel, to name a few, are great for locking moisture into thick hair for long period of time. Using the above recommended can retain moisture, further promoting hydration and making for easy detangling and styling.

3. Keep Hair Stretched: Keeping hair twisted and stretched makes manipulation and styling easier. Hair is less likely to become tangled and therefore less likely to break. Stretching hair using twists or the pineapple method works well for on the go styling.

4. Choose Protective Styles: Low manipulation protective styling works well with thicker hair types. Leaving the hair in one style for a week or two allows the strands to rest and maintains moisture. This is especially true during the extreme winter and summer months, as hot and cold conditions are more likely to dry hair and cause breakage.

5. Try Not To Stress: Thick hair doesn’t have to be stressful, and remember the more you stress the more you put your hair at risk of breakage and thinning. Try using hair products that contain lavender or jasmine before bed, as they are natural stress relieving scents that may help you to relax.

As long as you’re showing your hair lots of love and paying attention to how it responds caring for your thick hair will become less of a chore and more of a pleasurable routine. Learning how your hair works takes time, so be patient and embrace the journey that is your beautiful natural hair!

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