B-Blaq ft Sean Dice
B-Blaq ft Sean Dice

The Nigerian music industry is in a constant shift ever since it began to come to lime light since the early 1900s when the Palm-wine and High-life type of music started to spread among Nigerians and her neighboring Africa countries.

The music wave of the early 2000 which was majorly pioneered by ‘Ajegunle’ based music artiste was the ultimate shift that birthed the current wave in the Nigerian music industry. Today, there is so much improvement in audio productions accompanied by high-definition visuals as well.

Nigerian music indusrty- Asa in a live performance
Photo credit:  Asa- in a live Performance

A good number of Nigerian musicians has made great contribution to the world of music across the globe offering a great alternative entertainment in that respect. This development have created more opportunities for young talents to delve into the music business. So if you are one of those who intend to become a music star in the Nigerian music industry, I will like to share some practical tips with you on how to become a legend in the industry. This tips are not far fetched from what other top leading Nigerian music artiste did to get to the apex of their career.


Understand what the Nigerian music industry is all about.
That you have a talent and think you can do well in the Nigerian music industry doesn’t guarantee you success in the industry. Having in-depth knowledge about the music industry is the vital key to success especially for fresh talents. The Nigerian music industry like every other industry has its own ethics. Though most of the ethics are not enforced but having clear understanding about them will help every artiste to sail through the music industry daily hurdles. Understand what is vital to your success in the music industry.


Invest time and resources to pursue music as a career. This is just one of the secret code if you want to become successful in your career as a musician. Invest ample time and every available resources at your disposal on yourself.
Investing your time and resources wisely to enhance your career is the magic you need. Many fresh music artiste make the mistake of living above means when their music have not started bringing in financial returns for them.

Buying a car when you have just about one or two song recorded in your name is one of such instance of living above means as a music artiste.
Put good effort in the right way to make good music and visuals. Make out time to travel and network with others in the music industry. Dedicate at least 5 hours daily on activities that will enhance your career as a music artiste.


Set your goals and do not get distracted. One of the reason why some artiste do not make it to limelight in the music industry is just a simple lack of focus. From my personal observation, fresh artiste who couldn’t make it to stardom never had a long term goal or were distracted from their goals along the line of their career. Set out clearly defined goals and stick to them until you achieve greatness as a music artiste. Even if other factors tend to draw you backwards, a clearly defined goal will help you to overcome every other unfavorable condition that may want to delay your career in the music industry.

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Work…..Work…Work….and keep working. As a fresh talent in the music industry, you should have a very busy but an interesting lifestyle. The music industry is not for lazy and half-baked talents. Your work is what keeps you in the music business. Your work is what will bring you awards, contracts, endorsements, fame and fortune as well. Keep working to make good music and most importantly evaluating critically the works you drop to determine if you are doing good in the industry.


If it is not making you money….Then it doesn’t make sense.
Knowing how to make money with your music and when your music is suppose to start making you money is the most essential past of it all. Without you making money with your talent, you definitely will not be able to sustain and this leads to frustration.
Many fresh music artiste make the mistake of thinking that the music business is a get-rich-quick scheme. They expect to start making money in the industry even when they do not have enough work out there to actually bring in the money for them.
Before you ever think of making money in the music industry, make sure you have value in the music market. Your value in the music market as an artiste is determined by your work and effort in making good music and musical videos.

I want to conclude by bringing to your notice that the music industry is not for everyone. But if you are so passionate about your talent, then you can also make it big time in the Nigerian music industry. If people like 2baba, Duncan Mighty, P-square, Timaya, Davido, Wizkid, Olamide, Mayorkun. Lil Kesh, Small Doctor and so many others can make it, then you too can also make. But then, you have to do what they did to also make it. Better still even do more work than they did. The music industry is not for lazy people.
You have to understand how to handle it like a business before it becomes a business for you.
You are a creative soul, so do not let anything limit you. Keep creating more and more good tunes. See you at the apex of your career soonest.

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