As a woman and fashion love there are certain kinds of trousers that you should own in your wardrobe. Having them in your closet will make it easy for you to fix classy and elegant outfits for different kinds of occasion any time needs arise. This also extend to times when impromptu outings comes up.
So we advise that you read through to know which you already have, the ones you don’t have so you can get your wardrobe fix.

They are:

Tailored Trousers
If you’re a working class woman, you need tailored pants in your wardrobe as they serve corporate purposes. You can wear tailored trousers in light or dark colours. Colours such as dark grey, chocolate brown, navy, or black are ideal for office wear, while shades including camel brown, beige, or orange are more suitable for casual wear

Tailored pants look great on most body types and they come in a wide variety of styles, all you need is to choose the one that best suits you . But to make them appear good on you always you need to iron them consistently.

A pair of chino trousers is an ideal choice for every woman and it has several advantages. Chino trousers are lightweight, comfortable, and extremely flexible. Nowadays, chinos are a casual type of trousers worn by both men and women. It is a great alternative for jeans, which is own by many.

Despite their slightly elegant look, chinos are actually very easy to wear and they are perfect for university as well as for a night out with friends. When bought in dark colours such as black or navy, chinos can be even suit your the office wear easily.Chinos work well with contrasting or patterned tops. As for shoes, chinos go well with brogues during day time and wedges for a more sophisticated evening look.

Dungarees is now a trendy fashion piece that most fashionistas own. So if you don’t have it you should get it. Dungarees available in a wide variety that serves all purposes and look, ranging from denim styles, to dark colours such as brown, khaki, grey, or black are ideal.

Simi in dungaree jeans
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Dungarees can be paired with a plain T-shirt or even a zipped hooded sweatshirt for a casual look or with a blouse with Peter Pan collar, a vest, or a blazer for a more sophisticated look. You can accessorise it with sneakers, heels, jewellery, and bold makeup in order to avoid looking too masculine.

Cropped Trousers
This is another must have piece for all women , it is timeless, it can be worn in all season. Many women see this as an essential piece of clothing as it is suitable for any body shape. But ensure you select styles that suits you best, but it is certain that the effect of wearing cropped trousers is always a flattering one.

There are multiple styles of cropped bottom wears to choose from and perhaps the most popular of them is tight trousers with high heels. These are ideal for a special occasion and can be paired with silk or satin blouses for a glamorous effect.

For a more casual look, cropped trousers with a tight bottom and a little wider at the waist are the ideal choice.When it comes to shoes, cropped trousers work best with high heels,ballerina flats and gladiator sandals. you can wear it with ankle boots during cold weather.

Leather Trousers
Recently, leather trousers have become fashion staple for many women’s wardrobes. There are plenty of opportunities to wear a pair of leather trousers, ranging from a night out in the club to an evening with friends. The interesting thing about owning a pair of leather trousers is that they can be accompanied by the most unexpected materials, such as a fur coat or a transparent silk shirt.


Matching leather trousers with footwear is an easy thing to do because these trousers go with almost everything, ranging from stilettos and platforms to ankle boots and fashion trainers.
Now check your wardrobe for the ones missing, so you can get them.

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