Being a versatile colour, white i loved by most female as they can use it for both formal and casual evebts. White can also be worn from season to season, it practically never goes out of the fashion trend. Instead, several modifications would be made in the design.

Amidst all wears made from white, the most worn of them all is the white t-shirt. You just can never go wrong with this t-shirt.

Not to be confused with the normal white shirts or tops, white t-shirt is a must have wardrobe staple. In fact, amongst every girl’s wardrobe essentials, a white t-shirt must be part of the list. You may never know when you would need to whip it out from its wardrobe space and slay with it.
When in doubt of what to wear, pick out your white t-shirt first.

The common problem people then have is HOW to wear this fashion piece.
Searching for a fashion item that would suit is not the issue. In fact the fact that the shirt is a versatile piece of clothing is well laid down. Just wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of slacks and just any accessory just won’t do. You have to make a fashion statement and this has been our mantra for months now. Make a fashion statement!.

In order to guide you on how best to pair these fashion statement piece, we have listed 6 most fashionable ways to wear a white t-shirt.
Our aim is to help you slay and slay you will if you follow these few pointers closely.

1. White t-shirt and any clothing made of denim
This fashion combo will never get old. It practically never vets out of season. What may change Is the shoes you wear with it, and your sneakers. Just like salt Is to food, the general outlook you get after wearing this particular combo remains on fleek from season to season.
Your denim is what should vary in this outlook. You can choose to wear a denim skirt, preferably knee length or mini, a pair of denim trousers or shorts, whichever suits your taste best, a denim jump suit, in which you would be required to drop one of the hands.

To best complete these looks, your shoes should be sneakers of any varying color. You can even wear a pair of white sneakers with it. Not to worry, the number if white clothing won’t appear too much, instead, the end result would be a cool, classy look. This outfit is best suited for a casual outing like a gathering of friends, it can even be worn to class. Your choice. You can never go wrong with this. You can also add other splash of colors. Like a multicolored bandanna tied around your head. Just be adventurous in your dress up, you are bound to step out looking fabulous.

2. White t-shirt and a leather clothing item
Although leather clothing items can be tough to pair with other clothing items, the easiest way to wear them would be pairing with a pure white tee. Pairing bold colored leather skirts, jackets, trousers or boots with a white t-shirt would help to downplay the bold and otherwise shiny look of the leather clothing item. Be bold and daring In your dressing. For the leather trousers, you can even twist one end of the white tee and tuck in into the edge of the waistband or into a small side pocket if any.

3. White T-shirt on crazy or funky trousers
This outfit is another combo that you just have to try. You would definitely like the results, trust us.
Dig out your favorite funky trousers like polka dots, crazy stripes, you name it. You can even wearvit know funky trousers like slacks, palazzo and the likes. Just make sure the t-shirt is well fitted, not too tight or hanging too loose on your body frame. This precaution is to ensure that the shirt blends perfectly with your trousers. You can even opt for a pair of spiky heels or a pair of sneakers, whenever the mood hits.

4. White t-shirt and a sexy mini
That sexy mini skirt or shorts that you have isn’t supposed to be for clubbing alone. You can also appear cool and collected withit. All you need to downplay it’s sultriness is to wear a white tee. You can wear this outfit for a Sunday brunch, with a pair of boots, sneakers or sandals.

5. Wear white on white
Contrary to popular opinion, this is nota fashion taboo. You can actually wear white on white and still look very fashionable. Although this particular combo is hard to pull off owing to the fact that pairing with the right accessories is very tedious, if you manage to pull this off, you can be guaranteed of a very cool and eye-catching look. To best wear this particular outfit, you can wear, dude colored shoes, like wine. This is to downplay the glaring effect this combo is bound to make. White on white is quite flashy and would require all the help it can get from the other accessories in order to come out well.
If you decide to wear a white dress or shirt on a white tee, one thing you should take note of is the lighting. If possible, avoid too bright lighting. This is because proper lighting, when positioned right has the propensity to turn your outfit transparent. This is like a fashion disaster waiting to happen. Your best option should be a pair of white slacks or a thick or layered skirt or dress.

6. White tee under a fancy blazer
This is very ideal for a business meeting outside of work premises. If you are unsure of what your client will be wearing, a white tee under a fashionable blazer would suit perfectly. This is because this outfit can act as both a formal wear and a casual attire.

You no longer have to relegate your hard to pair wears to the back of your wardrobe, with these pointers, you are guaranteed a very nice  outlook.

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