Though gained recognition just recently in the mainstream fashion industry, tulle skirt also called ballerina is now a must have for every female fashion lover.

If styled well, tulle skirt will give you a breathtaking grown up look. If styled in some other ways also it can look costume like or more like a  little girl’s outfit. It’s all about how you styled it up.

We want you to get your styling right, hence our reason for putting together some ways you can style your tulle skirt to look chicy and classy.

1.Get a matured sexy look by pairing your tulle skirt with tank or crop top

Wearing your tulle skirt with a tank top or crop top  will give you a cute and sexy look and at the same time add a playful touch without you looking like a little girl.

Whether you pair your tulle skirt with a tank top or crop top, it’s still a great look, especially with more grown-lady color such as soft neutrals like pink, light grey, and off white. Plus, to make it even less ballerina, add a cool jewelry and accessories like bold earrings, bangles, clutch and sexy stilettos.

2.For a chicy casual look , pair it  with a comfy top

Any time you choose to go casual, combine your tulle skirt with  comfy tops such as denim and plaid shirt. While denim jacket also works much in the same way as leather jackets or T-shirts, sneakers and chunky heeled Oxford styled shoes , it looks outstandingly cute with a mini tulle skirt.

For any comfy top or shirt you choose to pair your tulle shirt white,ensure that you make being fitted key.

This is because tulle skirt can be quite full and overall this could swamp your figure if you don’t partner it with the right top silhouette.

3.For a edgy and modern look combine with jacket

To achieve an edgy look with your tulle skirt, you need to mix with fashion pieces that give tougher look such as leather jacket or bomber jacket. This particulat deminine-edgy mix has been a very popular combination in fashion of late. Some people also like to wear tulle skirts with tough footwear choices like combat style boots. But it’s a thing of chpice.

You can always do your own personal mix and match to add a more feminine or grunge side of the look. In addition. , you can also have fun by playing with colors and textures as well as accessories and jewelries.

4.Mix with feminine colours to get a romantic vibe

You can a romantic vibe from your tulle skirt by matching it up with a festive lace top, or feminine colors such as red scarlet and pastels.

5. Get an elegant and classy look with fitted top and high heels

Because tulle skirts are voluminous, to get a classy and elegant look you need to pair them with fitted tops, then add high heels to get the extra feminine look. Add a cropped jacket or blazer for a super chic look, as well as nice jewelry such as statement necklace for gving a bit of blings and interest.


6.Get a perfect girl look with textures match
You can achieve a girly and soft look by playing with textures such as leather, denim, sequin, knit, or faux fur.

You can tone down your very girly look by adding denim, knit or leather item, or you want to give more glams into with sequins, lace, or faux fur, playing up your tulle with textures will sure give dimension to entire look.

However, speaking of mixing textures, always pay attention to heavy or bold texture when paired with tulle. Ensure your choice doesn’t make you look or feel overwhelmed.


Try the above mentioned style tips and slay in your tulle always!

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