Just like the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what I bet you didn’t know is that, a banana a day will keep you happy all the way. Sounds too good to be true? Then allow me blow your mind. Did you know that bananas are filled with magnesium that can help boost your mood and reduce depression?

The benefits of bananas range from body to skin and hair. After reading the reasons why bananas are good for you, I guarantee you will find yourself eating bananas at least once a day.

1. Bananas make for a great pre-workout snack, giving you an extra kick of energy, and will raise your potassium level.

2. Bananas serve as great healthy snacks between meals, since they are filed with carbohydrates making you feel full.

3. Carrots is not the only food that is good for your eyes, bananas can help too. They contain vitamin A that protects your eyes.

4. Take care of your heart with bananas. Since bananas are filled with nutrients and potassium, they support normal heart function. Studies show that eating bananas daily, helps reduce the risk of a stroke.

5. You know how sometimes women have low blood pressure during their menstrual cycle? Well, bananas keep blood pressure under control, they will also help reduce menstrual pain.

6. While studying for an exam, bananas are the perfect food to snack on, as they enhance brain power and the potassium boosts learning abilities.

7. A mosquito bite can be very annoying. Try rubbing the banana peel on your bite, it will reduce the itchiness and the swelling. I’ve tried this, it works wonders.

8. Bananas can be used for face masks. Give your face a natural glow, or get rid of dull dry skin with a banana face mask.

9. Ditch the anti-wrinkles cream, and age gracefully with bananas. Bananas help fight wrinkles and keep skin looking youthful. This is another great reason to go for a banana mask.

10. Bananas can also be used for making hair masks. They soften your hair, give it the needed healthy shine, control dandruff and treat hair loss.

11. Breakouts suck, but a banana peel can help. Rub the inside of the banana on your acne, it will help get rid of the pimple faster. Just be sure to do it a couple of times a week.

12. Bananas are rich in iron, so if you are feeling faint, dizzy or just need some more iron in your body, snack on a banana.

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