About us

MUSIC MODELS and FASHION TREND are the three key words which was combined together to give birth to a wonderful digital entertainment platform called MMFTREND. These key words form a huge part of our everyday life. Our mission is to bring your entertainment experience on other media to the digital (mobile) media world. MMFTREND is a platform with great values set to revolutionize entertainment on the mainstream media by closing the gap between user experience and media experience. We bring you entertainment through innovative MULTIMEDIA contents in DIGITAL MEDIA format enhanced by SOCIAL MEDIA channels. We are entertainment with innovation. Showcasing brilliance in all we do.

We have an amazing and creative team constantly brainstorming on new ideas and trends. Creating concise, informative and entertaining contents. We gather inspiration and put them into action with creativity to empower you to live your life to the fullest and using our digital channels, we make it available for you on the go. That means you don’t need to sit in front on a TV screen to get fashion updates and your favorite music, we make it possible for you to reach and interact with various talents in the modeling and beauty industry. MMFTREND is a community of happy people.

As a well packaged brand, one of our core value is to work with other brands, corporate bodies, organizations, entrepreneurs, celebrities, music artist, models, photographers, make-up artist and beauticians, fashion designers etc. to reach their business goals. Feel free to contact us for events and shows. We also welcome business ideas.