Having a perfect figure 8 shape is the dream of ladies who are keen about their look. We believe most ladies fall within this category though.

Fashionstas understand that a great body shape help them slay better in different  outfits, so this is their number one body goal. Infact,they regards it as  the additional sauce that adds to their sexiness. So this is most ‘ s  number one body goal.

Perfect Hourglass Shape [Source : Instagram- Elizabeth Micheal]

Hence, it is the reason we count it as very important to take you through how tips on how to achieve the shape you  have always dreamt of. And if you already have  a figure 8 shape, the tips will guide you on how to maintain it for as long as you  want.

Rather than opt for surgical operations,our tips are safer ways to achieve and keep your  hour glass shape.

Now read below:

1. Engage in different kinds of exercises

By exercise we don’t mean its compulsory you hit the road frequently,there are different easier ones like just taking a stroll,  using a staircase instead of an elevator among others.

When you don’t engage in activities  that involves moving from one place to another, but rather sit down in a place all day, then that’s a fast way of allowing fat  accumulate in your body.

You need to add a fat burning activity to your daily routine if your work doesn’t involve that. Dont spend too much time sitting in front of your  computer daily without engaging in minor exercises as explained above. You need to burn the calories you take in daily.

2. Reduce junks intake drastically

If you’re the type that craves for snacks , you have to cut that habit. Because its one of the fastest ways to induce fat in your body.

Fast foods have very less nutritional value but can help  make you obese very fast. No matter how busy your daily  schedule is you need to go for healthy foods. Veggies are better for you. Thanks to increase in entrepreneurship, lots of restaurants are now selling that now. All you need do is to search online for the ones close to you,  place an order and get it delivered to your doorstep.

3. Create time for waist and stomach trimming exercises

You  need to focus on doing exercises that are targeted at trimming down tummy and keeping waist in shape. Especially those for your tummy and midriff region. Dont do on and off exercises, keep it regular. Fix a time  and ensure you adhere to the time table, so you  can see results.

4. Drink lots of water

A fast way to get filled easily is to take lots of water in between your meals. When you do this always you wont be able  to take in too much food and this will help keep your  tummy slim.

Instead of choosing the starvation option,go for this. It will keep you  refresh  and in shape.

When you starve yourself you’re only depriving your body of essential minerals and vitamins it needs to growth and function well. Also your breakfast is important to make you energetic and see you through the day. So the breakfast skipping style is no! no! too.

5. Engage in chores

Domestic works like washing your clothes, gardening and cleaning the house,  are very good for you because they will help you burn your calories . Which will keep you light,  healthy  and in shape.

6. Eat more of less calories foods

Though oily foods are very common and easier to prepare now but instead of that you need to eat food with less calories that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Fruits, green leafy vegetables are all good for your health. Say ‘no’ to fried items, soft drinks, cakes and sweets. Yes! We know it’s not easy, so an high level of self discipline will do you a great help here.

These are all we have for you on achieving hourglass shape, drop comments below  on what you think and how we can be of further help.



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