Aleksandra Chichikova is the winner of the first ever Miss Wheelchair World Pageantry which took place in Warsaw, Poland on October 8, 2017.

The miss Wheelchair World Pageantry is organized by Only One Foundation. The Only One Foundation was founded by two physically challenged moms who came together to direct attention to the matters of women with disability in the society.

The founders belief is that “a wheelchair is not a constraint impossible to bestride, it is just something additional to your personality” and every woman in a wheelchair has the right “to be whoever she wants and to feel beautiful.”

The founders first started with the Miss Poland Wheelchair competition, however after four editions, the organisation decided to go global, with the first Miss World Wheelchair competition which was won by Aleksandra Chichikova, a 23-year old student of psychology and social pedagogy from Belarus.

Lebohang Monyatsi, from South Africa was the first runner-up, followed by Polish woman Adrianna Zawadzinska.

The pageantry was organised in conjunction with the City of Warsaw and had representatives from 24 countries around the globe.

See the list of winners below:

Miss Wheelchair World 2017
Aleksandra Chichikova (Belarus)

I Vice Miss Wheelchair World 2017
Lebohang Monyatsi (the Republic of South Africa)

II Vice Miss Wheelchair World 2017
Adrianna Zawadzińska (Poland)

Miss Individuality 2017
Oksana Kononets (Ukraine)

Miss Smile 2017
Nadjet Meskine (France)

Miss Activity 2017
María Díaz (Chile)

Miss Charm 2017
Adrianna Zawadzińska (Poland)

Miss Kindness 2017
Vahen King (Canada)

Miss Lifestyle Designers 2017 – María Díaz (Chile)

Miss Foto 2017
Adrianna Zawadzińska (Poland)

Miss Popularity 2017
Rajalakshmi Shankar Janardhana Murthy (India)

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