Alexx Ekubo, known for his romantic characters in Nollywood is proving to the world that he has several sides to his fine boy personality.

The young actor who is slowly but surely carving a niche for himself in the Nigerian fashion industry, has just teamed up with one of the best fashion designers Nigeria has ever produced, Yomi Casual, to release a new collection for the brand called “Alexx Ekubo for Yomi Casual.”

Alexx who is not only an actor but also a well known model has joined forces with the menswear brand to develop designs that are very simple, comfortable, refined, timeless and imperial.

According to Alexx Ekubo:

“Growing up, I’ve always wondered what it will be like designing a collection for the public. What will be my key areas of focus? Well for me, comfort is key. I always want to not just be seen as comfortable in whatever I’m wearing, but to actually be comfortable in it, also, less is more – so less dramatic designs and a more subtle statement piece that screams Boss and Maturity. Hence the creation of the new Alexx Ekubo For Yomi Casual Collection”

The crisp pieces with fine finishing indicate that he is, in fact, the perfect partner and muse for this collection.

This doesn’t come as a surprise. Over the years, Alexx has modelled for the brand and taking into account his love for  fashion and his modelling career, it was only a matter of time before he designs his own collection. We at wish him nothing but the best in this new career path.

Check out the collection

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