The word Fashionista has been considered a norm by many men and women most especially the young ones who seem to be overly obsessed with fashion. To them being addressed as a fashionista is a very prestigious thing. But really many who use this word are yet to know what it truly means.
If you’re one of the self acclaimed ‘Fashionistas’ you need to read this to be sure you’re one top of your game.
Now let’s start from the basis which is Fashion. Fashion means different things to everyone, while some see it as “a way of expressing theirselves,” other see it as “a form of art,”. We believe fashion deals with playing around with and breaking the rules of conventional dressing.”

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Fashion which is an ever changing concept is not as simple as it sounds because its full of creativity, breakthroughs, and endless possibilities.
The general understanding of a fashionista is simply someone who follow trends in the fashion industry obsessively and always ready to continually adopt latest fashion related activities. But many streamline it to wears most times.
Today MMF Trend is telling you being a fashionista is more than just what you wear, it’s a lifestyle of appearance & beauty. Starting with proper skin care, facials and keeping your hair in a style that’s up to date and easy to maintain. Yes ,fashion encapsulates all these not just you knowing and patronising the latest and classy clothing designs.


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Here’s Our Checklist On What Defines A Real Fashionista:

1. You’re inspired by things around you: If you’re truly a Fashionista you would be inspired by what you read, watch, and observe around you. And through all these you can easily learn and spice up your fashion sense.
A real fashionista, sees Fashion as an art and keeps a keen eye on fashion update always.

2. You’re trendy: As a fashionista you should be aware that public figures in the entertainment industry are the ones who dictate and influence fashion most of the times, so you should take watching what celebs and designers are wearing as an habit, and try to recreate those looks into your daily outfits. We are not saying you should copy the looks exactly, but rather me come up with your own unique styles using them.

3. You look out keenly for fashion updates on social media: On your personal Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, you follow as many style and fashion icons as possible. So as to get instant fashion updates at your fingertips. You always search for popular fashion hashtags and regularly go digging for new and surprising style inspirations online.
If you’re practicing this three things we listed above then you’re not just a fashionista but also work to stay on top of your game.

A Fashionista’s Wardrobe[Source:Shopcade]

The Fashionista’s wardrobe
As a fashionista it is given that you have trendy wears in your closet. This is not to say you have to buy all the latest wears around. Buy only those one that fit your own unique style sense which you’re very comfortable with. Your wardrobe should define you.
Here are things you should consider in building up your wardrobe:

1. Shop Wisely:
The first thing you should put into consideration can be described with the idiom ‘ Cut your coat according to your size’. Which simply means staying within your budget.
Though staying Fashionable is your hobby but you have to avoid shopping excessively, even if you can afford it. Because failure to work with this will only lead to waste of money as you can end up buying things you don’t need. So it ‘s important to set a particular amount out of your funds aside periodically, that is, either weekly, monthly or quarterly for your wardrobe and stay strictly to the limit. So anytime you’re out to shop you’re reminded that you have to stay within that budget.

2. Have varieties of shoes :The right pair of shoes can make or break a fashionable outfit. Make sure your shoes are cute and comfortable. You need varieties of them to spice up your different looks. Those shoes should match up your casual and corporate outfits perfectly.

3. Have the right accessories: Jewelries, cute hats, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, glasses among others are helpful in allowing you create different looks from the same items in your wardrobe. Find what looks right for you and look at the outfit as a whole in the mirror with it so you don’t use too much by mistake. Invest in affordable and unique accessories that will help you make a big difference in any simple outfits. You can get away with having a wide variety of cheap items within this category.

4. Sanitize your wardrobe regularly: it is very important you get rid of the clothes you hardly or won’t wear anymore. Give old clothes to charity, or in find other means to get rid of it. These will help you know clearly what you have and what you need in your next shopping.
This is where we call it a day on our tips of being a fashionista , check this space tomorrow for more important tips.


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