One of the trendiest colors for Summer or like in Nigeria, dry season is Yellow, and comes in various shades that are sure to beat those depressing blues!The chic’est way to wear yellow is going the lady-like route with pencil and A-line skirts or a pretty dress. It just adds to the cheerful golden hue, creating a chic and flirty vibe:

If you want to make a subtle impact, start small with accessories such as a pair of sandals, a handbag, earrings or a statement necklace. These go great with your wardrobe essentials as well as other garments in solids and neutrals.

Just make sure to select an accessory that is placed on an area where you want people to take notice. And trust me, wearing yellow won’t go unnoticed!

Let’s look at some fashion tips on how to select your best yellow and how to wear it:

1. Select the right shade of Yellow

Warm complexions shine in yellow. But if you have a definite Cool coloring, then you probably already know by now that warm colors aren’t your best colors. An alternative is a pale, icy yellow – it harmonizes best with cooler skin tones.

If yellow looks so-and-so or plain horrible on you but you still want to give in to the yellow fever, wear the hue away from your waist, preferably somewhere from your waist and down. Think sandals, handbags, skirts, bracelets and rings.

2. How to combine yellow with other colors

Yellow looks good with blues and greens, as well as with coral pink and orange. But the right color combo (and the chic’est in my opinion) depends a lot on the undertone (warm or cool) and value (light, medium or deep) of the color you want to pair the yellow with.
Light + Light, Medium + Medium, Deep + Deep = Aesthetically pleasing

One of the strategies to putting together a pleasing color combination is to select the same color value for both clothing. Pale yellow looks best with lighter shades of pink and blues. Deep yellows harmonize with deeper pinks and blues.

The goal is to avoid shifting the colors too far away from each other on the value scale – so pairing light with medium works. Or deep with medium.

Exception: Neutrals – such as black, dark navy blue, white, olive green and beige – go with all color values.

3. Color-blocking with Yellow

If you want to create a bold pop of color-blocking, you can wear a yellow that shares the same undertone as the other color. Cool with cool. Or warm with warm.

Exception: The value of the color (ie. light with medium, light with deep, etc.) doesn’t matter.

4. Make yellow your focal point

If you prefer dressing classy then focus on one yellow focal piece and work around it with neutrals, solids and basic pieces. It gives a soothing and streamlined look. Try a yellow dress paired with neutral sandals and a handbag.

If you want the yellow to look extra pretty and make it stand out more – pair it with warm neutral accents such as gold and tan.

How do you feel about wearing yellow? Does the cheerful color lighten up your mood, or do you feel terrible?

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