Rn’b Singer and most recently actor, Olubankole Wellington, better known as Banky W, have carved a niche for himself in the competitive Nigerian music industry, but he is also hoping to make a name for himself in Nollywood.

Ever since his marriage to Nollywood sweetheart, Adesua Etomi, in a high society wedding, the couple have come under intense scrutiny from both their fans and the press.

At the recent screening of the wedding party 2, in which they both starred in, PREMIUM TIMES approached the singer for an interview and he made it clear that no question is out of bounds except for his marriage.

When asked to speak about his union to Adesua as well as his recent ‘infamous’ Instagram post, Banky W, said, “My wife and I have chosen not to discuss our private lives in the media or social media. So, I will appreciate that you don’t ask us any personal questions. Please respect our privacies.”

Making a movie debut playing a lead role is a rarity in this part of the world. Indeed very few actors have been lucky in this regard.

Banky W considers himself one of the lucky few but maintains that he has always had flirtatious love affair with the movie-making business.

He said, “Because most of my videos are short films, I tend to tell stories with my music videos because I have always been a storyteller. In fact, from my younger days, I always considered myself as a writer before I saw myself as a singer or an actor.

“In that sense, watching myself on the screen was not much of a surprise because I have been flirting with it for a long time. I try to be my biggest critic and that’s why I’m harsh on myself. That is how I am about my music and businesses. I feel that the day you are satisfied with your performance and job, it is the beginning of the end because you would start to become complacent.

“I am always harsh on myself. So, even people think I have done a good job; I try to look at the one area that I can improve on.”

In October, Banky W, revealed that he underwent cancer surgery. He also added that he has been away taking treatment for the ailment.

When asked if he developed the symptoms while shooting The Wedding Party 2, he said, “No I didn’t know I will have a relapse of a rare strain of skin cancer tumours a third time having undergone two surgeries already. Luckily for me while I was on set I had no sign of cancer, I had that relapse but I didn’t know I was going come down with skin cancer a third time.”

Banky W likens playing Adesua’s husband in The Wedding Party as an extension of their real life.

“I think that if you watch the film, you will probably walk away thinking that me and my wife are believable actors. We sell the storyline, as we want people to receive it. The hope is that you will not just enjoy seeing us in this but in any other filmmaking scenarios that you see us, whether we are together or not, that you will still have the same reaction, that it was very believable and that we did a good job.

“You can tell that playing Adesua’s husband wasn’t a difficult task because we are now a real life couple. Moreover, as professional actors, you can tell that we gave the film our best shot. All I can tell you is that it was quite effortless because the role is nothing short of our real lives at the moment.”

During the chat, Banky W reiterated the fact that music will remain in the front burner for him.

“Everyone who knows will agree that I’m a very ambitious person. I’m ambitious to a fault. I literally think that I can do anything. So, I can tell you this, I have no plans to rob my music fans of my music career. My music career is still thriving and all my albums have always done well.

“In fact, I’m releasing, Love You Baby, produced by Cobhams Asuquo. I plan to drop three videos in the next three months. However, I feel like the day that you get satisfied with where you are is the day that you get complacent and that’s the beginning of the end.

“So yes, my music career has done well, but I want to do more. I want to do more music, I wan to do more movies and I want to do more TV. I want to do many more businesses that you’re not even aware of and by the Grace of God; I will do it in Jesus name.”

On a final note, Banky W had nothing but eulogies for Nollywood.

“I think that Nollywood is growing and the industry has done fantastic things over the years and that we will continue to do so. I will refuse to be pigeonholed into any character because I think the Nigerian film audience are intelligent enough to accept quality acting,” he said.

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