This year has been a great one for fashion, as lots of fashion breakthroughs were made . The amount of trending designs cannot be correctly quantified. However, of all these, one definitely stood out amongst them all. This is the bell shaped sleeve design.
The surprising fact of this style is that it has been around for decades and have stay more this time probably because more popular figure are wearing it so, it is presently trending this season.

Bell sleeves are those designs that smoothen over the arm, billowing into arm sides, and flares at the bottom, without pleats. The result is a shape reminiscent of a bell, hence the name.
The bell shaped sleeve design have been incorporated into many clothing items, including dresses, jumpsuits, crop tops and normal shirts.
While most of them are long sleeved, some are just to the elbow, almost to the wrist.
A lot of commandments and appreciation have been made in this style. We actually think this style is very fashionable.

Here are our reasons for the above statement:
1. They are very comfortable
One thing about this design is that it is very comfortable. Ever worn a cloth whose sleeve is so tight that you get so uncomfortable because you are not able to move your hand? You are not alone! Bell shaped sleeves can be ankle length or full sleeved and are very comfortable. They taper down, from the upper part of the arm and billows out close to the elbow. This is the case for the elbow length. Owing to the style of cut, it creates ample space for the elbow to flex comfortably. You can flex your hand freely without any discomfort and can also Move freely. One thing to note also is that it allows easy circulation of fresh air in the cloth. You can be rest assured that the chances of sweating profusely are very low, except in areas of extremely low air circulation.

2. It is very unique
Quite different from the conventional puff, petal shaped, cup-shaped, long or short sleeved hand among others, the bell shaped sleeve is very unique. It gives you a sense of style. In fact, the bell shaped has been incorporated into the hems of some dresses, adding to its uniqueness, even more so when the sleeve and the hem of the dress is in a color other than that of the rest of the clothing.

3. It makes peoples’ hands look trim
Bell shaped sleeves makes the hands of anyone wearing it  look trim. For plump ladies that owing to their size have big hands, the bell shaped sleeve is the one for you. Owing to the fact that it tapers and nips close to the end before billowing out in a flare, it makes the hand look slimmer and longer, effectively decreasing it’s size. If you are very conscious of your big hand, you can choose to wear more of bell shaped sleeves. They are the most ideal for you. It is quite common now and most seamstresses can actually make the design

4. It is very versatile
This is so true if these type of sleeves. Bell shaped sleeves are versatile. They can go with any type of clothing, including dresses, shirts and crop tops. They have also been incorporated to the hem of trousers and jumpsuits. Depending on the designer, they can be made into any type of material that can be worn for any kind of event including evening dresses.
They have even been made into ‘Ankara’ a locally dyed material made by local natives of Nigeria and other parts of the continent, Africa. Although in other countries, they are known in other names, e. g Kente by the Ghanaians.

5. They are very simple to make.
If you want a very simple style that won’t take your tailor a long time to sew, especially in this season where there is a mad rush for the tailors, your best option would be to choose a bell shaped design. While still fashionable, they are also very simple and quite easy to make. To avoid hearing stories from your tailor owing to the fact that he hasn’t been able to sew your clothes because of his too many work, you can select a bell shaped design.

All these are the reasons we are very love this style. You can drop your comments and tell us what you think about the design. Let’s get the ball rolling!

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