You must have read and heard about several benefits of exercises ranging from how it keeps you fit and in shape, burns fat in your body system among many others. Yes it does all these and more you don’t know about which we will take you through in this article.
Though exercises is all about performing bodily or mental activity for either training or improvement. But it is done for different reasons by individuals. Some do it because they just heard it is good and most to do it to keep fit and stay in shape.

But we want you to be more enlightened about why you need to do your exercises regularly and this can also help you figure out more reasons why you should do exercises frequently.
Note, every point we are discussing here have been scientifically proven.

Exercise Improves your brain’s function
It has been scientifically proven by the the University of Kansas Medical Center that a simple exercise can go as far as improving your brain function to a large extent.
If you do your exercise regularly there are times you would experience a clearer head and thought when you finish. If this  has happen to you before, then thats actually one of the way exercise boost your mental health.

Dr. Jeffrey Burns, Professor of neurology at the University of Kansas backed this up with his saying “Basically, the more exercise you did, the more benefit to the brain you saw”. He continued “ Any aerobic exercise was good, and more is better.”
Isn’t this an amazing benefit ?

Repairs alcohol-related damage in your body system

Nowadays the consumptions of alcohol among youths and older individuals have increased drastically. Even though people tend to ignore the side effects of its high consumption, results from some scien6rific  research have linked excess drinking and alcohol abuse to brain damage. This isn’t to scare you but just to enligten you more.
So if you a lover of achohol here’s a good news for you; the research from the University of Colorado has shown a relatively easy way to reverse that damage and its simply by exercising .

“We found that for people who drink a lot and exercise a lot, there was not a strong relationship between alcohol and white matter,” says Hollis Karoly, a doctoral student in CU-Boulder’s psychology and neuroscience department, who led the study. “But for people who drink a lot and don’t exercise, our study showed the integrity of white matter is compromised in several areas of the brain. It basically means white matter is not moving messages between areas of the brain as efficiently as normal.”
So, our advice to you is that is either you reduce your achohol in take drastically or after drinking alcohol ensure that you do a lot of exercise.

Exercise makes you smarter

Yes, we’ve talked about how exercise helps to improve your brain function,now lets talk about how it makes you smarter as a person. According to some researchers, exercises also help to increase cognitive ability and this makes you a smarter person in everything you do. So next time you see a smart  person and adores them, remember  a regular  exercise can just be their  little secret.

Exercise helps with reverse bone loss

This benefit is for the elderly people, who most times are faced with weak bones as they grow  older.

Both aged men and women are usually faced with bone illness such as arthritis, osteoporosis, calcium deficiency among many others. But the good news is that researchers from the University of Missouri have confirmed  that activities like weight-lifting and jumping exercises can actually reverse bone loss by facilitating cellular growth. This yet another amazing benefit you can get from exercise.

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