We always see the beret as a piece of clothing associated with the French woman but less than eight months ago, it didn’t look likely that any French woman would ever wear a beret again. And yet last season, they made a comeback.

Headwear is big news for the new season and anyone who braves a hat projects an air of confidence. They enhance or at the very least change an outfit. But what makes the beret so relevant for 2018?

The beret is woke. As we all know, it is fashionable now to be socially conscious, to campaign, to be outspoken and to be politically engaged. The woke generation are informed, questioning and passionate about change. The beret’s history renders it the ultimate symbol of wokeness; of the current popular stream of thought.

The fashion industry, at its best, has always reflected the times we live in, which is perhaps why we’ve seen such a rise in politically-charged fashion.
There’s an argument that the industry is cashing in on social and political causes, and that influencers attempt to be ‘woke’ in order to achieve a level of depth, but there’s nothing new in designers or the public trying to make a stand through clothes. And, the beret – whether felt, fluffy or leather – has always been the hat worn by those wanting to make a stand.

So how do you wear it now in all its wokeness? Avoid anything angular so as to steer clear of Parisian parody. This season’s beret should be pulled fully over the head, covering half of your ears or you could pull the beret over the back of your head as you normally would and hope you don’t lose it in a gust of wind.

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