Xe Mana Bella is the new single produced by The Ancestral Soul Don dada. Mr. Boddhi Satva in collaboration with Angola’s own Dj Satelite and Congo-Brazza’s polyphonic master Fredy Massamba.

Skilfully mixing 4 different languages in one song from Sango (C.A.R’s national language) to Portuguese, Lingala and Kikongo. “Xe Mana Bella” is nothing short of a cultural wealth and creative avant guard that we can expect from the Offering head honcho.

What does Xe Mana Bella means? Xe (pronounced Che) is a word created by Angolans to call attention, convey admiration, exclamation, etc. Mana is a subjective word that is used to address an older person or even portray a woman. The song therefor tells the story of three gentleman (Boddhi Satva, Dj Satelite and Fredy Massamba) charmed by the stunning beauty and dancing skills of a stunning lady minding her own endeavours on the dance floor.

The song tries to depict today’s interaction between people of opposite sexes and how one hopes to get the favours of the other using different sets of seductive approaches to basic from natural, philosophical and material type.

Please download & Enjoy.

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