Earrings are very important to women, whether school girls, young adults, mature women at the peak of their career or women in their retirement. Asides the fact that they have fitting and draws attention to the face, which is where we want it to be in the first place, Earrings have the ability to complete or destroy an entire outfit.
No attire is complete without earrings. If the goal is to create a simple look and one decides to go without earrings, one end up looking too simple, which wasn’t in the plan.
Flashy earrings are very desirable ,however one problem many people face is knowing the kind of earring that beat sits them. Choosing is not the problem. Choosing the ‘right’ earring that best suits you is the major problem that best suits you. Deciding on the earring that best suits you is tedious and most time we just put on just anyone that is ‘in style’, and then end up looking over dressed or too flashy.

Several ways of choosing earrings that best suit you have been outlined BELOW. Be careful not to choose earrings that are ‘in style’ over ones that best complements¬† your outfit.

Choose your earrings in front of a mirror
You don’t need a genie to tell you which one beat suits you, you mirror is perfect for the job.
You can hold more than one pair up against your face while looking in to the mirror.
You should do this while fully dressed so you can be able to determine which one best complements your outfit, hair do, make up, hand bag or foot wear.
You can Even choose to wear each pair one at a time before coming to a final conclusion on which one best suits you.

Ask for people’s opinion.
True tested trials, evidence have proven that the best and most convincing way to make up your mind on what properly fits you is by seeking for others opinion. Which earring better fits you is best determined by others. You can choose the one you think suits you and still ask for advice, just to be on the safer side and avoid making a fashion faux pas

Wearing the right colour blend
One of the most important rule about fashion is wearing the right colour blend. Your outfit dosent have to be the same colour, it should at least be from the same color palette or blend perfectly. The same goes for your earrings. There should be a match between your earring of choice and your outfit. Earrings with bright colored gem stones or bright chandelier earrings goes well with bright clothes and vice versa. This is to ensure that your earrings do not over shadow your entire outfit. One tip of choosing earrings is to choose the colour that best matches your dress.

Choose Earrings that contrast with your outfit
Wearing earrings that contrasts with the color if your dress is ideal. One color should complement and highlight the color of the other, creating a beautiful masterpiece, not tone it down. For example, wear a white earring with a black dress, not a black earring on a black dress.

Match earrings with your accessories
It is of common belief that your earrings should match your outfit alone. This has been proven wrong and most times results in a fashion blunder. Your earrings AND accessories should complement your entire outfit at the same time blending perfectly with each other not compete for attention at the same time creating a color block. For example, a gold earring will go well with gold bracelets or a hand bag or shoe with a good lining.

Many earrings match your outfit? Match it with your necklace.
One of the many problems in matching necklaces is having too many options that fits your outfit. Choosing one out of them is tedious and downright confusing.
The best way to get over this stumbling block is by matching them with your necklace. This works every time!. Necklaces and earrings go a long way in improving the quality of your outfit, adding beauty to your general appearance.

Match your earrings to your face shape.
Earrings can contrast with the shape if your face. What will suit a person with a round face might not suit you.
Round face: if your face is rounder, long, dropping earrings will best suit you. Avoid wearing circular or button shaped earrings or even hoops or studs as they will only accenuate your round face.

i. Long and narrow face
If you have a long thin face, choose earrings that will emphasize the width if your face. Short, clustered , round earrings or hoops will widen your face and makes it look fuller and plumpier.

ii.Square shaped face
Girls with wide, angular jaws with wide foreheads needs something that will taper their face. Oval earrings with long, rounded bottoms will best suit. Avoid any earrings that will emphasize the squareness of your face.

iii.Heart shaped face
If your forehead us wider than your chin, then you have a heart shaped face. You need something that will best level out the difference in width. Chandelier or tear drop earrings is the right choice for you.

iv.Oval face
Congratulations, you can wear any kind of earrings you want. Lucky you.

So when next you’re going out,follow our tips so you can pick your perfect earrings.

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