Several articles have been written on choosing the right kind of outfit for  females of all body sizes, slim men and men in general but only few have been written specifically for   for big,  and chubby  men.
Chubby men like others body sizes are fashionable too and also look good, despite the general public’s views and opinions about them.

Most of the time, fashion articles and styling tips are centered around tall, slim and lanky models, leaving their other counterparts in the dark. Consequent research have shown that men tend to add a few pounds and generally increase in size as their age advance. This is always visible around their middle section-their abdomen- resulting in a flabby belly, leading to what is called a ‘pot belly’.
Contrary to popular opinion, the good news is plump and chubby men can also be fashionable. It is 100% possible to appear classic, showing a profound sense of style. You can still look quite elegant and fashionable, even if you are bigger than most fashion focused men.
One major mistake many male fashion designers make is that they focus more on creating  clothes that would best suit slim men, completely ignoring how chubby men would look in these outfits. As a result, chubby men tend to dress more poorly than the rest of the masculine population.
We want our chubby men to look great and fashionable too, so we have  put  together tips on how you can choose  the   perfect suits if you fall within th category of  chubby men. Read below:

1. Take note of the  suit’s design pattern 
From research, it is quite difficult to get the perfect suit for heavier men in any shopping mall or boutique. Due to this,  most chubby men tend to   buy suits that need   constant amendment which often leads to an exaggeration of their figure, rather than complementing it. When one part of the  suit jacket is increased, everything gets bigger too.

If the pattern wasn’t designed for stockier men, then it just won’t suit you, no matter how hard you try. One major way of curbing this is to be specific on what the designer you are patronizing. Look for one that specializes in making clothes for heavier men.

2. Pay careful attention to the shoulder width
One important factor you should never forget to take note of is the shoulder width. This is the easiest way of determining whether that clothing item is for you or not. The jacket’s shoulder width should extend slightly, about 2cm ahead of you normal width and no more. In the same vein, avoid wearing clothes with too tight shoulders.

3. Don’t forget to take note of the suit jacket’s cut
It is not only about confirming if the  suits is perfect on you or not, you have to take note of the cut of the suit’s  jacket and by this, we mean the jacket’s frontal design. For heavier men, a single breasted jacket with notched lapels would suit you better, as compared to the double breasted designs.

4. Be certain of the exact position of your jacket buttons
If your buttons are placed too high, they would jump and make your stomach appear bigger. The same goes for when it is lower. Ensure that your jacket buttons are placed just right. Preferably two or three buttons would do.

5. Your trousers must sit right on your waist
Forgot belts, they won’t show anyway, this goes also for side adjusters. Choose suspenders instead. They ensure that your trousers stay in place and gives you room to sit comfortably without having to hike your trousers each time you sit. Also go for pleats because they ensure maximum comfortability for your legs, especially when you sit.

With these few pointers, nothing stops you from looking classy and smart in you suit when attend any event.

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