Shirt dresses are very beautiful, there’s no doubt about this but you will have to go an extra length to choose the perfect ones for you, before you can experience the awesomeness embedded in them.
Shirt dresses are very versatile, they are worn differently by ladies. Ladies who wants to get chic and smart, wear their dress shirts alone without any embellishments, ladies who wants to look corporate, use belly belts on them.
If you’re the working class lady or you love to rock classy-sophisticated style, you will be glad if you add several shirt dresses in various styles, ranging from different colors, and length  your wardrobe.

To ensure your shirt dresses look perfect on you, starts from when you buy them.To start with, fashion experts made it known that quality and great looking shirt dresses are always very expensive. So if you want to get yourself some, you need you have this at the back of your mind. When you’re finally ready to buy them,here are things to look out for, so you pick durable and high quality ones.

Tips For Good Quality
1.Check the shirt label for ply count. Finer shirt dresses are made of two-ply, not single-ply, and the fabrics are stronger and softer.

2. Inspect the seam running down the side of the shirt. Usually, a high-quality garment has only one line of stitching visible on the side seam, while most shirts have two visible rows of stitches.

3. Determine whether buttonholes are hand-sewn, with irregular stitching. This generally indicates more work and time spent on making the short, which means high quality.
These tips will only work for you if you’re business it in a physical store and not online stores. But going for brands known for high quality can save you from buying less quality dress shirt when shopping online.

How To Ensure It Fits You Perfectly

You need your shirt dresses to suit your body shape perfectly, and not loose if they are for work purpose. If you intent to wear it alone without pairing it up with other wears, you need them  to be a bit free but smart as well.

For Online Shopping
The only way to pick the right size for any purpose is to know your body measurements. Since you can’t try it on before ordering you need to compare your body measurements with the online store’s size chart. Please don’t skip checking their chart, as sizes vary from brand to brand.
From the chart you can pick your perfect size. If they happen not to have your exact size, you can pick the closest size, then have your tailor do the fitting for you after purchase.

For Physical Fashion Stores
If you’re going to visit fashion stores to get your shirt dresses, you will have to try any piece you’re picking on, and here are tips that will guide you in picking your perfect size.
1. Button the dress shirt to the top. You should be able to slide two or three fingers between your neck and collar.

2. Bend your arms. Sleeves should be long enough so that cuffs don’t ride up your wrist when moving your arm.

3. Check that cuffs are snug and don’t hang over your hand. You should not be able to slip into shirt sleeves without first undoing buttons on the cuff.

4. Make sure the shirt doesn’t pull uncomfortably across the chest or waist.

5. Inspect the buttons – they should be well-placed with no gaping holes exposing your chest.

Now that you know the tips, put them to use each time you go for shopping, they will guide you to pick perfect shirt dresses always. Above all ensure whichever design you choose suits your personal style!

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