Boots are great foot wears for men to rock on varieties of outfits as they make them look like perfect gentlemen. But not all men are comfortable wearing boots, on their outfits. There are different types of boots available to suit different purposes you will need them for when stepping out. Before you choose which to go for, we want you to understand that there are various style tips deployed by classy men, when on any of their choice boots.
These tips usually help these men slay in their boots very well, anytime, any day. If you are part of men who don’t love boots or nor comfortable wearing them always. Knowing and practicing these rules can help you change your mind. As you will have insights of how to look your best with boots.

Now lets take you through the rules below

1. Beginners perfect choice
If you’re new to wearing boots, then its best you go with ankle length. Let’s shock you, the best looking boots are made in this length because it is the least intimidating to wear for boot noobs. There are lace-ups, zip-ups and Chelseas and depending on the look you’re going for formal, casual or rugged, you can choose the appropriate style. So it is important you choose the one that best suit your outing. For instance if you’re wearing jeans trousers to your intended occasion, you can always match it up with a lace-up boot.

2. Pick your perfect pants
This is actually very important. When looking to incorporate boots into your daily wardrobe, you should have the correct cut and fit of trousers to wear with them. Stick to slim-fit pants that hug your thighs and legs. You can maybe go with skinny jeans if you have emaciated twiggy legs. Don’t ever thing of wearing flared trousers with boots or anything for that matter, this is wrong and doesnt make you fashionable. Its more of the late 90s dressing and its archaic.

3. Crop your pants, or cuff them to the right length
Because boots go higher than normal shoes, your regular length pants are guaranteed to look funny when you to wear them together. Pick up some cropped pants or cuff your normal trousers to the proper length so that the break falls just right on the topmost part of the boot. There should be about an inch of overlap between the pants and shoes – no more, no less.

When deciding between cropping and cuffing, cropped hems will look sleeker and more formal, and they will go perfectly with Chelseas for a clean silhouette. Cuffed pants will work with more urban boot styles. It’s also more practical because you don’t have to stick to a fixed length – you can cuff as high or as low as necessary.

4. Never tuck your pants into your boots
This is a No No. The reason the previous tip exists is so people won’t have to commit this atrocity. Tucked pants never look good on boots. This is because they don’t complement each other at all. So combining them, will not only make you feel uncomfortable but look outdated in the fashion world.

Following the four rules described above will save you a lot from the stress of looking less stylish when on a boot, rather you will look stunning, attractive and presentable anywhere you rock them to. These are realistic as they have been used by men who wear boots frequently and slays in them.
Don’t just read these rules and forget them, but put all into practice and stay a slay king that you’re always. We love to see you looking good!

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