People often battle with several kinds of skin issues, out of all that are common , we choose to talk about ‘warts’ today.
Skin warts are a kind of viral infection and a skin growth caused by viruses. This virus is mostly from HPV- Human Papilloma Virus. This virus infects the top layer of the skin and causes a rapid growth.
They are contagious and can get be transmitted to one who gets exposed to cut or damage and touches someone suffering from warts. Warts can be found on both female and male of all ages starting from toddlers.

How To You Know You Have Warts:
• Flesh-colored, almost colorless or white (if the growth is young, age warts are gray or dark brown);
• Rough or uneven, sometimes peeling;
• Above the level of the skin;
• When pressed may be painful.

Some of the secondary causes of skin warts are:

• Weakening of the immune system, that’s why warts often develop in older people (especially women), adolescents, during pregnancy, or when in a poor health;
• Nervous breakdowns and metabolic disorder

Here Are Some Home Remedies You Can Use To Eradicate Warts

1. Wash Your Face Regularly

First you need to remove all external irritants. Wash yourself only with liquid soap for delicate skin, limit shaving and body rubbing with a hard sponge or a towel, so you eliminate inflammation.

2. Use Onion and Garlic
The easiest and most effective solution is based on natural disinfectors: onions and garlic. Husk an onion, fine grate it and do the same with garlic. You need half a bulb of onion and about 3 average cloves of garlic. Grate and mix the vegetables, put on the wart, fix the bandage, hold up to 40 minutes, repeat 4-5 times a day for greater effect. The recipe becomes even more efficient if you add a teaspoon of vinegar to it.
But this recipe will not work for very sensitive skin, neither for a wart on eyelid as you can accidentally put some of the mask into your eye and it cause severe irritation and even a burn. However, for other parts of the face, for example, a wart on nose, this recipe is very suitable.
3. Use Aloe Vera
Finely chop the leaves of aloe and apply the resulting puree on a plaster or gauze, then secure the bandage on the affected area. It is advisable to make the mask for the night and to remove it in the morning or to replace with a new one. Repeat as necessary.
4. Apply Sea Salt
Many don’t know this, Wart rash can be cured with simple sea salt and horseradish juice. Mix a teaspoon of salt with two tablespoons of fresh horseradish juice and rub into the affected area for 5 minutes, leave for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with cold water and repeat 2 times a day. Instead of salt can be used chalk.
5. Potato Works Perfectly
It is easy to remove warts at home using just a potato. Grate one together with its peel (of course after having washed it). Apply the mash on your face and leave to dry. If you mix potatoes and hydrogen peroxide, you remove senile warts on the body, neck and face can once and for all.

Any of the above treatments you choose will work perfectly but ensure you are consistent with the application.

How To Prevent Warts Re-occurence
In order to avoid the recurrence of warts , you need to follow these tips:
• Hygiene should be regular.
• Never scratch small wounds, pimples, moles and papillomas.
• Regularly visit a dermatologist. The doctor will help identify the initial symptoms and prevent the spread of the virus.
• Nutrition plays a huge value. Use vitamins, especially if you are a female, as you are more prone to common warts, which not only look terrible, but also cause a lot of discomfort. So ensuring you eat healthy is critical.

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