In my last post I talked about how to organize your wardrobe in order to bring forth your inner fashionista but without a shopping plan, you’ll keep going around in a loop because the clothes and accessories you need are missing from your wardrobe! Most of the outfit ideas consist of basics and essentials that any fashionista needs in her closet – so you should secure them before getting started!

Now after organizing your closet, it’s time to sit and rationally write down what you need and don’t need, and really start filling your newly-organized wardrobe with clothes that are the backbone of your style. This is going to be your shopping plan.

Create a Shopping Plan 

Do you have the Wardrobe Essentials covered? 
With that being said, go through the list and buy the clothes that are missing from your closet first before indulging in other trendy pieces. The magic with these basic items is that they can be worn with absolutely anything and they’re trend-proof!

Can you multiply the outfits?
How many outfits can you make out of one clothing with the rest of your wardrobe? When shopping for a non-basic piece make sure you know how many outfits you can make from it with what’s already in your wardrobe before buying it. A minimum of 3 outfits is a must.

Assess your lifestyle
This is important to make sure that you invest most of your money in the right type of clothes. That is if you’re an office worker then your wardrobe should consist of mostly dressy and sophisticated clothes such as blouses, suits and tailored trousers. But of course, this completely depends on the dress code.

How to assess your lifestyle:
Have a weekly plan in front of you and look at where you spend most of your time from day to day (even weekends). Set up your typical schedule. Where are you in the weekends, daytime on weekdays, evenings on weekdays, etc.

Does your wardrobe go hand in hand with your activities? If it doesn’t I suggest to cut down on the type of clothes you have too many of and put more of your money on clothes that cover your major daily activities.

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