Hello fashion lovers, trust you had a restful weekend as we advised.Today our spotlight is on Ankara fabrics!

We believe by now you understand that your level of creativity defines how fashionable you are, and not the act of being trendy. So let’s talk about the present impact Ankara fabrics have in the global fashion world and how you can creatively rock your Ankara fabrics.

Ankara’s  Impact In Fashion World 

Ankara is one of the most loved fabrics by Nigerians and Africans both in their country and diaspora. Infact lots of white have started embracing  it as well. Years back ankara was used to sew great styles with just itself, which  always come out very nice. Little  do we know that an extra spice to the fabric can do a great wonder.

In  recent times more creativity have been applied to the use of Ankara by fashion designers . Ankara fabrics are now being used to craft unimaginary designs, thanks to CREATIVITY!

We believe Ankara is one of the best things that has happened to the fashion world as its uses and styles are now limitless.

The African print fabric has metamorphosed from being  a cultural attire to a glamorous wardrobe, must have wear and right now the spotlight is on Africa.

From the streets to countless boardrooms, to catwalks all over the world, the Ankara fabric has proven to be so versatile that it is now recognized on the global fashion scene. A number of celebrities have been spotted in Ankara ensembles on red carpets globally. To many, the Ankara fabric has become a must have.

This Ankara trend has impacted the West African economy in a lot of ways and thus, the Nigerian economy. In the mid- 1980s, there were around 180 functional textile mills in Nigeria. The mills employed approximately a million people, this accounted for more than 60 percent of the textile industry capacity in West Africa, empowering millions of households across all geopolitical zones of Nigeria

African designers and their Ankara designs are now sought out in all the echelons of the global society. The Ankara fashion industry has proven to be a veritable goldmine in these ways and many more.
A lot of Ankara fashion shows spring up daily all over the global fashion scene.
Also renowned celebrities across the globe  have also taken to this fashion trend. Few of which are; Beyoncé Knowles, Rihanna, Fergie and Kim Kardashia among  others. They have adopted the Ankara fabric and have been seen in unique and classy  designs using one or more fabrics.

Rihanna On a Creative Ankara Piece

How Ankara Can Be Used

Ankara can be mixed with different African originated fabrics such as Adire, Aso Oke, lace among others. It can also be mixed with different casual materials such as Jeans, Chinos among others.

You can mix your ankara with chiffon materials or even mix it with two different prints of Ankara of different color or pattern. It is so unique and can be embellished with sequins, beads, stones, buttons, or even feathers.

You can slay in Ankara  to any occasion at anytime of the year, as it always appear very classy and trendy when combined with colors and prints. And of course of your confidence is also needed  to show beauty of your style

You must have also seen the fabric being to make a growing number of fashion items; bags, shoes, jewellery and countless accessories. This development has led to a change in the general perception of the Ankara fabric worldwide.

Finally one awesome attribute of Ankara  we must talk about before concluding is the pieces  joining magic. If you have small yards of different patterns of Ankara , dont  see them as wastes because they are not. All you need do is to them to a very good fashion  designer, who  will  definitely craft a beautiful piece out of them . Like the picture below:


Now that you have a deeper understanding of the beauty of Ankara  and how  creative you can get with it. Is time for  you to explore as well….



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