Hi pretty, you must have come across different style of crop top while shopping for your wears or even bought some,  but you rarely put them on because you don’t want to show your skin for personal reasons.
Worry no more,we have put some styling tips to guide you on how best to rock your crop tops without showing your skin.

About Crop Tops
They first appeared in a movie in the 80s then they weren’t seen around again.  About  a decade ago they came back to the fashion scene, and have since been worn by fashionista. But those who rock them  always have to show their stomach region.
Many seems to appreciate the fashion piece because its versatile and can be worn to several place as far as you have no problem showing off your bare skin.
For those who love crop tops for  but haven’t been able to wear it because they detest showing off their belly skin, we have put your best tips together.

Read below:

1. Match your crop top with midi skirt

Combining a midi skirt that starts from your stomach region with a crop top will give you a simple and ultra-girly look without showing off your belly. To complete this look, add a comfortable low heel shoes and a handbag with matching colour. Then off you go!

2. Combine it with high waist pants Picking a crop top with contrasting colour against your high waisted pant will give you an effortless look. Whether you’re heading to drinks with friends or a movie date, it’s good to go. Just add a simple but classy handbag.
3. Crop top will work perfectly with a long black skirt

If you own a long black skirt and don’t know how to rock it well yet,try match it with your colorful crop top. You will not only look like a unique fashionista but also feel  comfortable in your wears.
4. Combine it with a full flare skirt

Your flare skirts are always full and gorgeous but they will come out more stunning when paired with a cropped top with the best suitable colour. You can add your wedge shoes to the oufit. Your will look just fabulous.
5. Match crop top with wide-leg trousers

Matching both pieces  for an outing will get you covered up looking stylish and classic. All you need are the right pair of pants; we’d recommend a bold color , with a simple, long-sleeved crop top and statement necklace.

6. Match pencil skirt with your crop piece  Try matching an elegant pencil skirt and with a simple crop top and light accessories, and the outcome will be an awesome look.


Using a black and white combination will make you look clean and polished look. You can rock this to church.

7. Combine A line skirt with crop top: Pairing an A-line skirt with crop top gives you a full coverage. To achieve a perfect complementary look try an all-black look with a bright color foot wear that you feel comfortable in

8. Pair it with a high waisted skirt

Just because your shirt is short, doesn’t mean you have to expose your belly button. Matching a crop top with high waisted  a skirt can minimize and even eliminate any midriff shown.

9. Try a loose fitting style.

If a cropped and tight top will make you feel anxious about how much body you’re showing,a loose fitting style is a solution. Pair it with a tighter fitting skirt, shorts or pair of pants to keep your look balanced.
You can button it up all the way to balance your outfit’s proportions and make the cropped look more business friendly.

The above are ways you can rock your crop tops without showing your midriff region.

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