Procrastination is one of the deadly diseases eating away the time of young creative people. Are you one of those people who are constantly complaining of procrastination, and unable to focus on the task at hand? Without even realizing it, you may be low on nutrients, that your body needs to help you focus. Sure, vitamins or even medicine may seem like an easy fix, however, there is a more natural way you can conquer your lack of focus. Here is a list of foods that can help your brain focus more and enhance your memory.

1. Bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium, which will serve as a great help for your memory. In addition to so, bananas also contain Vitamin B6, which helps release serotonin, which in turn keeps you more focused.

2. Whole Grains

Since whole grains are filled with fibers, they will provide your body with whatever is needed to maintain the level of sugar in your blood. Whole grains also fill your body with Vitamin B, which plays a key role in the well being of the brain and enhancing focus.

3. Blackberries

According to recent studies, blackberries have been proven to strengthen the brain and memory. So if you just can’t seem to focus, gobble down some blackberries, it sends blood and oxygen to your brain that immediately enhances your focus.

4. Green Tea

Since green tea contains caffeine and thiamine, it pushes your brain, which will increase your focus and attention span. Green tea is perfect for early mornings, giving your brain a push when it is still half asleep.

5. Mixed Nuts

Nut lovers, we’ve got some great news for you. Consuming nuts when you are studying or working is a great way to strengthen your memory and give your body a great dose of Vitamin E.

6. Dark Chocolate

Unlike regular chocolate, dark chocolate contains a small level of caffeine and magnesium, which can actually reduce panic attacks and keep you calm. Dark chocolate is also a great way to send endorphins to your brain and uplift your mood.

7. Yogurt

When you think of yogurt, automatically think of calcium and protein. So by eating a cup of yogurt, not only are you giving your body a quick boost, but also you are also improving your memory and alertness.

8. Eggs

Not only does it serve as a delicious breakfast, it can improve and strengthen your memory. Eggs contains nine types of amino acids that are necessary for brain activity.

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