The crave to keep a very long hair is  much amidst ladies because it is considered as an extraordinary natural asset.
But due to the different human traits,some ladies tend to find it very difficult to grow their  hair to the length they want, why others find it very easy.

We have gathered some tips to help you grow your hair to a desired length regardless of how hard you have found it before now.

1. Have It In Mind You Can’t Grow Your Hair  Overnight

The first step to growing a long hair is to sink it into your thought that to getting your desired length of hair, will surely take time.

So you need to put patience into practice first, so you can use our tips effectively and get the desired result.

2. Engage In  Regularly Trimming

Although getting regular trims won’t make your hair actually grow faster, but will keep the tips looking healthy and prevent splits from working their way up strands, requiring you to chop hair off more often.

While on this hair growth journey, hair expert suggests you ask your stylist to take around just an eighth of an inch off your hair every 10 to 12 weeks to prevent extreme split ends before they start.

3. Use Conditioner On Your Hair After Every Wash

Its necessary you use conditioner every time you shampoo. And anytime your hair is wet, that means you have to condition it.
Conditioner helps replace the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft,as well as seal the cuticle to help prevent more damage from happening so that you can get your hair to grow longer and look healthier.

4. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Time You Shower

Because most woman skip using conditioner when showering,  then it best to keep your hair off being shampooed. This is because  is the worst thing you can do for your hair especially when you’re trying to grow it long.
Shampoo is really what you should be skipping as much as possible.

Though the purpose of shampoo is to wash away dirt and product buildup, it can also take essential natural oils that keep strands soft and healthy along with it. When you really do need shampoo, be gentler on your hair by only lathering up at your scalp and then simply letting the suds slide down strands, hitting the rest of the hair as the water rinses it away.

Long hair

5.Consider Trying Hair-boosting Supplements
Your body requires many vital nutrients to create new hair, from ample protein to a slew of essential minerals. So take a look at your diet because while eating a balanced diet helps, you may not be getting the proper amount of all the hair-building nutrients needed to create healthy hair that can grow super-long and withstand damage.
But before starting to take supplements, it’s best to check in with your doctor to make sure that you take the right amounts and that they won’t interact with any medications you’re currently taking that’s if you have any.

6. Brush Your Hair Gently

Brushing can cause physical harm to your hair, but you need it to distribute your scalp’s natural oils which will aids it growth down your hair . But you need to be extra-gentle on strands so as not to pull them off. This will also help long hair journey.

7. Sleep On Sateen Fabrics

Hair experts recommend switching to a sateen fabric such when on the hair growth journey because it has a softer surface that won’t cause friction the way that regularly woven cotton does with your hair, so you’ll wake up with fewer tangles.

8. Don’t Wrap Your Hair In Massive Towel

If you do this before,you need to put a stop to it because it causes so much breakage. Your hair gets caught in all the woven fibers and since most women almost always wrap it too tight around their face, all those tiny, fragile strands around your face are more prone to break.

9. Do Cold-water Rinse After Every Bath

This really does help to grow your hair and keep them long and healthy for a long time.
Cold water lays down the outer layer of hair more smoothly, which helps prevent moisture loss, snags and heat damage. You only need to do it for a few seconds, but this one extra step over time can make a huge difference.

If you follow these tips carefully,the end result is a ‘very long and healthy hair’.

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