We all know that ripped jeans has quickly become a staple in every girl’s wardrobe, including guy’s. They give you that super chic feel when styled right. Only when it is styled right.

Rips were so simple back then. They became a popular symbol of rock and heavy metal and during the grunge phase in the early 2000’s. Rips were ‘natural’ or distressed because they just fit with the entire look organically but that is not the case any more.

We’re sure you’ve all noticed that ripped jeans are having a bit of a fashion moment. Which is fine. In theory. Because while most people are happy to show their care-free, rock ‘n’ roll ‘tude with a couple of low-key knee rips, some people, as ever, have been taking the trend a little too far.

A pair of denim shouldn’t be so hard to pull off, with a little rip here or there, but these days rips have seriously gone TOO FAR. Forget knee rips, holes are being put in jeans in places where they seriously shouldn’t be.

The question we all should be asking is at what point do ripped jeans stop functioning as a jean, and start being some fabric hanging from your waist?

Is it just a ploy to sell you jeans that went wrong or is it a fashion twist that we didn’t see coming?

So for those of you considering  purchasing a ripped jean, who aren’t really sure where the line between chic and ‘What-the-hell’ is, here are 5 pairs of ripped jeans which have gone too far…


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