Menswear, as we know it, has undergone a transformation on a pretty fundamental level. Tailoring has relaxed, men’s dress codes have become blurred, and the smartening up of sportswear has become a trend.

Joggers are one of the critical items leading the charge during this pivotal era in menswear, and as men continue to experiment with them, they are becoming  more ingrained into the modern guy’s wardrobe.

The History Of Joggers

Running as a form of voluntary exercise has origins in Ancient Greece, but spread after the modern Olympic games were re-introduced in 1896 and spread further after the ‘running boom’ of the 1970s. But after decades of training in ungainly attire, it was clear that something needed to change, and for one Frenchman, the solution was clear.

Émile Camuset founded world-renowned sportswear label Le Coq Sportif – which translates to “the athletic rooster” – and he had understandably had quite enough of sweating his way around the track in whatever legwear men were rocking at the time.

After some experimentation with fabrics and cuts, the classic jersey jogger we all know and love was born.

However, while joggers were built with a firm purpose in mind, today they’re much more. Just as with jeans and dress trousers before them, there are now many styles and shapes to take into consideration.

How To Style Joggers


Keep it simple. Anything sporting or workwear-inspired can be paired very well with traditional joggers. Work jackets, technical waterproofs and bomber jackets [are] all great options. Go for a classic pair of trainers, and top it off with a white tee.


Leaving the house in a pair of joggers for anything other than a walk to the gym or a jog was once considered a cardinal style sin. But these days, it’s entirely possible to wear them as part of a smart-casual outfit.

Go for a fitted button-down shirt and a smart leather trainer on the feet. Top it off with a wool overcoat, denim jacket or unstructured blazer, and you’re good to go.


There are refined joggers that stand between dress trousers and sweatpants, melding the best traits from each. Plus, they’re surprisingly easy to style.

Wear a wool jogger with a black dress shoe and matching wool blazer for a modern take on the two-piece suit. Stick to darker shades of grey, navy or black, but team with a casual, unstructured jacket that has soft shoulders and patch pockets.

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