Hello fashion lovers straw bag is a beautiful fashion piece that has recently find its fit in the fashion world and many classy and trendy ladies have been seen rocking it in styles.

Straw bags are now available in varieties of shapes,due to the creativity of fashion influencers. These will enable you choose the ones that best suits you.
If you already got yourself one beautiful straw bag and you’ve been wondering how to keep it intact and shinning for long, we are about to take you through that, as we don’t advise you to use the same care tips for your other bags on your straw bag.

A fashionista rocking straw bag

After rocking your straw bag for a while, here are the steps to follow to restore it back to the bright look it has from day one. These steps will restore the beauty of your straw purse or handbag and brighten its color without damaging the delicate material.

The tips are:

Before Wash

1. The first step is to prepare your designer straw handbags for safe cleaning by spraying it with dyes that are easily removed during cleaning and repair.
2.Test if your bag’s colour doesn’t wash off on the inside edge or bottom of the purse, before wiping it entirely with a damp cloth.
3.To maintain the bag’s shape stuff the straw bag with tissue paper before cleaning or repairing the purse.

To Wash
1. Create a soapy mixture to remove surface dirt.
2.Mix two to three drops of dish soap or baby shampoo into a basin filled with cold water to start cleaning your handbag.
3.Dip a white cotton rag or old T-shirt into the suds.
4.Wring the water out of the cloth, until the soft material is damp to the touch. If the cloth is dripping wet, the straw purse will soak up the excess water and create a permanent stain.
Lay the designer handbag on its side or at a 45-degree angle.
5.Wipe the entire straw purse down with the clean damp rag. Wipe gently and in the direction of the straw purse’s weave; do not attempt to wipe against the grain of the straw handbag. Doing so may cause damage to the straw fibers. So let the straw purse dry completely away from heat.
6.Place the purse on a table in a well-ventilated area to dry overnight.

For Tear Repair

1.Repair any tears in your handbag with rubber cement and fabric.
2.For straw bags without lining, repair a small tear with the cement. Smear the cement on the inside of the handbag on the back of the tear. Place the fabric on the inside of the tear. Press the fabric up against the ripped straw purse to seal for 15 seconds. Let the straw handbag dry overnight. Remove excess glue with a pair of tweezers or your fingernail.

For Brightening
1.Brighten the color of your designer handbag by diluting alcohol with water. 2.Blot this mixture lightly over the surface of the straw using a cloth baby diaper.

More Care Tips…..
1. Remove the tissue paper from the straw bag once the purse is completely dry.
2. Never submerge your straw purse in water. Clean the surface with cold water and an old rag only.
3.Lift stubborn dirt stains with a small bristled brush.
4. For rips in your handbag that cannot be repaired at home, send the handbag to a professional. Recommended handbag restoration companies are Avelle and Artbag.
5. Exensive designer straw handbags and straw purses may have a thin coat of shellac to protect the color from fading and rubbing onto your clothes.

Make sure you follow these care guidelines whenever you feel the need to clean your straw bag. This will help you feel it for as long as you want without experiencing damage.

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