If as a  guy you  love to put on creative and stylish looking wears, we are right to you a  classy man. By this we don’t mean someone who love  spending so much on  wears  that are trendy but rather going for high quality ones which makes you look cool, calm and collected.
Now if you fall within this category, the four shirts we discussed in this article, are all your  must have. Any of them you don’t have in your wardrobe try to get it , infact, have each in more than one pair.

These shirts are :

Oxford Shirt
Many are familiar with this shirt, so we believe it needs no introduction but if you are new to it we will tell you a bit about it. It’s best described as a traditional shirt which came into existence in the 19th century Scotland. It started off as something for the everyday man due to its strong fabric and comfortable fit, but it was later adopted by Ivy League students around the 1950s, and became part of the, still prevalent, preppy style.

Oxford shirt is a wardrobe staple that can be easily dressed down and now it is becoming a key component in every man’s wardrobe, because of its versatile. If want to choose only one shirt from all we discussed in the article let it be this one.You can dress up this shirt in a number of ways, keeping things smart or casual depending on your mood. An everyday outfit that will serve you well in most seasons, is to combine a simple light blue shirt with some cotton joggers or trousers, making sure the shirt isn’t tucked in, before finishing off with some light toned drivers.
This shirt is appropriate for both young and matured classy men.

Denim Shirt
Here is another classy wears for you, though it has been around since the early 1800s but still very much in vogue and not going anywhere soon. It was first introduced to the fashion industry when an international fashion entrepreneur Levi Stauss began producing hardwearing clothing for miners. He later teamed up with a tailor, and the world of Levi’s began.


Since then denim has evolved hugely and is now a major player in the menswear game. The denim shirt is usually left for casual outfits but, again, with smart and casual pieces being mixed together more nowadays, it’s very easy to smarten one up.
You need denim shirts in your wardrobe.

Dress Shirt
This is one of the most stylish formal shirt any classy man can have in his wardrobe. Dress shirts can be easily incorporated into suits and smart casual outfits. You won’t usually see button-down collars on these but the collar can come in a variety of forms, namely; spread (or Windsor) collars, point (or straight or small) collars or detachable collars.

What makes the dress shirt different from, other shirts is its fit and its overall finish. It’s generally slimmer fit than other shirts, has a more structured finish, and is a little shorter in length, but with a longer back.
This a perfect corporate wear every stylish man should have in his closet.


Checked Shirt
This last shirt on our list is a hipster staple that make your outfit look very colourful. This has also been around for while, like the 16th century. Now though, it’s something that can easily be transitioned into both smart casual and laid-back outfits, and you can change up the look depending on the materials used.

Opt for one with thick cotton during cold weather and layer it up with T-shirts and jackets, or go for a thinner, loose fit design that’s perfect for warm weather.
You need this in your closet.

These are all we have for you today in this category, it is very necessary you have them in your wardrobe but work with your budget when getting them.

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