Women generally get on the offensive when they are called ‘short’. So the nicest term best used to describe them is ‘petite’.
They end up doing whatever would make them taller and it becomes a hassle to figure out what best suits them and what would complement their stature without making them seem smaller, thinner or shorter.
The major and most common remedy to this problem offered by most people is by wearing heels. However, one cannot expect them to wear heels all the time, to every function. Asides the fact that they would be faced with constant muscle pain, not every function requires heels some requires sandals and others, flats; bringing them back to the initial dilemma…what to do to appear taller?.

Being short is not by choice and is most times inherited genetically from the parents and from past generations. Nothing makes them different from other individuals excluding their height and they can be fashionable too!.

Asides heels and appropriate accessories that would make them appear taller, what they wear and how they wear each cloth also matters.
A petite woman would not be expected to wear some certain clothes that would appear unflattering and needs to be extremely conscious of what she puts on, regardless of the occasion.

W have putessential garments that must be found in your wardrobe, if you are petite  as they will further complement your statue and make you  appear taller. They are:

1. White Buttoned Down Shirt
This fashion piece is timeless!. It is quite easy to pair and goes well with just about anything. To get the most out of the shirt, choose one with a Long sleeved hand, pointed collar and pearl buttons. The long sleeved hand makes the hand appear longer and the pointed collar just adds extra inches to the neck. The pearl buttons is to add that chic look to the ensemble.. Don’t forget to leave a few buttons open, it draws more attention to the entire outfit, as well as your throat column and jaw line.

2. A classy camisole.
V- shaped dresses and shirts can look too garish and is totally non acceptable. If you are not comfortable with the amount of skin being displayed or the show of cleavage, you can use a camisole. It works best when worn under the outfit. Don’t worry, you would still maintain the flattering v- necked style.
You can wear it over a pencil skirt or wear it under a deep v-necked top so that it shows. If you are comfortable enough in your skin, you could wear just the camisole over high waist skinny jeans.

3. Crop tops
Hmm! Crop tops are so back! And are currently a trendy, must have, fashion piece. At first, they were considered too inappropriate, now? The different options you can pair it with are numerous.
You could pair it with a high waist, pencil skirt or a high waist trousers. It can also be worn over normal jean. Be creative in your ideas. Asides the fact that it gives you a chic look, it manages to separate from the jean, standing as a different fashion piece, effectively creating a taller outlook.
This fashion piece is the best cloth that can show off and accenuate those abs you have been sweating hard to get.

4. Straight legged jeans

We can never have enough of these jean style. Thank goodness the available jean options are more. Having just palazzo jean would have been very boring and totally inappropriate for petites.
Straight legged jeans or skinny jeans as they are often called are in vogue . the dark wash jeans paired with a bright colored top make the best appearance for petites.
To determine if your jean is straight legged, fold the hem up once or twice if it stays up and still molds to your skin, it is the right jean.
You could even leave it folded and pair it with a camisole and sneakers or a T-shirt and sandals. your choice.

5. Short dresses
This Friday night number is a must have. It is a valuable item found in every female’s wardrobe, even more so for petites!. You could never go wrong with it. They flatter the legs and further accenuates the height. They are best paired with those heeled shoes you crave so much to heighten the effect.

Long, ankle length dresses are also in order too. They also give one a seemingly tall appearance.Tall people can’t wear this dress, petit people can. And there are numerous styles of long dresses. You name it, prints, flowered, plain colored..the options are numerous

6. Pencil skirt

The usefulness of pencil skirt cannot be emphasizes enough. Asides the fact that they show off the legs, they also throw off a sexy look. In one of our earlier articles, the different ways you could pair pencil skirts have been mentioned with more significance in the high waist pencil skirts and those paired with a peplum top. For more reference, go back to that article and be more enlightened.

A- line skirts can also do the trick. You could pair them off with your white, button down blouse with turned up sleeves for a more fashionable effect and brighten it up with heels of a contrasting color. You can never go wrong with A- shaped skirts!.

7. Dress pants
They come In hndy for work and other formal e events. You could pair them off with a blazer and that oh so wonderful camisole in your collection, preferably, frilly, Lacey ones and a plain colored blazer or jacket of your choice.

For petite ladies who want to look smaller and slimmer, black dress pants are ideal. Avoid dress pants with cuffs at the waist, they make you look fatter. For the extravagantly endowed women hip wise, you could choose boot- cut dress pants to balance out the hips.ensure to choose a fitting, nicely tailored pant that fits you and one whose colour accentuates your figure, at the same time throwing off a professional look

8. Jacket
Another versatile fashion piece is the jacket. They can be worn anywhere and on anything.
Tailored jackets are most ideal for formal occasions and can be paired with camisoles and dress pants. The most preferred design being the hip-length, double breasted style that doesn’t appear too boxy on women.
Other casual jackets are available for walks in the parks and strolls at night.
You could never go wrong with jackets. Looking for a casual yet fashionable jacket, try a jean jacket!.
9. Cardigan
They are best worn in cold or chilly weather conditions. The best style for petite is Long sleeved and light weight. Avoid wearing bulky sweaters as they only make you look shorter and fatter. Choose v-necked ones that falls to the hips. Can be worn on skinny jeans.


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