In this present age, women especially the working class, have to contend with office and home chores within the week days.
Many anticipate Fridays so much not only because it is the last working day of the week but because it is the beginning of a blissful weekend when they can finally rest.
But for some ladies getting their hairdo, takes away that restful moment as they still have to maintain a classy and professional look which are mostly time consuming.

This led to many women embracing wigs as it save stylishthem alot o hassles and still makes them stylish.
Let’s start with reasons you should ditch normal hair for wigs.

1. It is time consuming
The weekend always seem so short and every second counts and most women hairstyles take take time. From a few minutes spent in fixing the hair to the blues spent in making braids, time is spent. During the week, there is usually no time to have fun, hence why weekends are usually held in high regards. Having to sit down for hours just to make a new hair is no fun at all.

2. It is painful
If you have ever made your hair before, you would understand the pain that every woman have to go through just to look good.
Hairdos like braids or Ghana weavings are painful!

The fragile front hairs are then put in danger of pulling out owing to these too tight weaves. When the front hair is gone, the main beauty of the hair leaves and the lady ends up looking funny.

3. It is expensive
It cost women alot to have new hair style on.Starting from the money given to the hairdresser who will make the hair to the money used to buy weavons and attachment which all together amounts to a huge sum.

But thanks to crafty and talented hair stylists, who started makings wigs, all the above explained issues have been eradicated.

Wigs also never seem to get old, because they are usually carefully kept, as compared to the normal braids or weavon attached to the hair. Wigs last longer and save time.

In addition to the obvious advantages of wigs, some hair stylist have gone extra length to make it appear real, by adding closures to them .
Closures are a part of the the wig that can be bought separately or already attached to the wig, they attract additional costs . They are usually infused with a fine net when worn on the head, which make them appear like theu were attached to the hair.

Currently, several kind of wigs are available and ready to be purchased in almost every hair stylist’s shop.
Here are the most common ones are :
1. Braid wigs
Exactly like the normal ones that are attached to the hair but tend to be fuller most times. The size varies, from big ones to extremely tiny ones. With braid wigs, one can carry a previously ignored hairdo, owing to its extremely small size and propensity to cut the frontal hair. Not only that, it lasts longer, it’s duration ranging from months to years.

Weavon wig

2. Weavon wigs
Weave on wigs are numerous. With this wig, one is exposed to a variety of styles ranging from bob, skull caps, to long or short weavons.


3.Crochet wigs
Hair stylists now craft wigs with different crochet stykes as well. Which also looks real and outstanding on women.

Crochet Wig

Getting varieties wigs is a good investment for every lady which can fit perfectly into their budget. As a lady just ensure you get yourself high quality ones so they can be durable for as long as you want to keep them.

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