After facing demanding bosses, hot weathers, annoying traffic and finally arriving home all sweaty, having to contend with itchy face is quite annoying.

Itchy skin, especially the face can be quite annoying and distracting especially since the urge to scratch is hard to resist .

Although it is quite common for one to get an itch from time to time, it is instantly relieved by slight scratching. It becomes a problem when it becomes recurrent.

Some common causes of facial itch have been listed in this article alongside easy home remedies that can avoid an all out breakout.

Let’s Start  With The Causes
1. Residual makeup
When your skin pores are clogged by make up because you don’t clean them properly, this can cause an itch.
This is because the skin is no longer able to ‘breathe’ and this residual makeup, together with sweat will create a sticky surface that attracts dust. And with dust comes bacterial infections.

2. Environmental factors
Facial skin is that one part of the body that is constantly exposed to the environment. It is always subjected to dust, wind and other pollutants. Due to tiredness after each day most times, we neglect to clean our face before going to bed.

– dirty bed linen is also a factor that can become a problem. Over use of bed sheets will promote accumulation of dirt which in turn gets transferred to the face.

3. Dry skin
Most individuals experience this, especially during the dry or harmattan weather. You can sense a tightness in your skin as it loses water. Over time it begins to itch and dry, flaky patches begin to show, a major symptom of dry skin. Often time, the skin itches without showing a rash.

4. Allergens
Often times, we use beauty products, soaps or moisturisers whose ingredients we don’t know, without knowing if we are allergic to any.
Itchy skin can be caused by allergens to a particular ingredient or bothersome fragrance.

5. Scratchy fabrics or abrasive face towels
The facial skin is the most sensitive part of the body and require pampering. It is sensitive to even the slightest irritations and hard or abrasive towels just won’t do.

6. Skin irritations
Skim conditions like eczema or heat rash can cause itch.
Acne is also a condition that can occur when the skin pores are clogged. Occurring mist often in oily skin, causing itch and pain.
Insect bites on the face can also cause itch due to irritation but is temporary and stops after a while.

Here are the  home remedies you can use to get  rid of it
1. When cleaning makeup, avoid washing with water instantly. Some make up products are water resistant and would not wash off completely with water. Clean the face with cotton wool dipped in a mild cleanser or moisturizer to remove deep seated dirt before washing with a mild soap and water.

2. Keep the face clean and moisture free and ensure to wash the face with mild soaps after each wash away sweat and the fine layer of dirt.

3. Avoid repeated washing as it can lead to removal of natural oils which keeps the akin moisturized.
4. Avoid changing the brand of your creams ans d soaps often

5.never! Never sleep without washing off your make up.

6.  Avoid harsh fabrics or towels and sharing of towels or sponge.

7. Use  soaps with natural ingredients that you are not allergic to

8. Exfoliate your skin from time to time with a mixture of brown sugar, honey and olive oil to remove dead skin cells which can clog skin pores.

9. Don’t forget to use sunscreens to avoid sun burns.

Dry, flaky patches don’t just leave at once, but with constant moisturizing, you will have a smooth, clear, itch and rash free skin.

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