Our lives require curing
. We require curing
in our residences, kinsfolks, marriages, relations, commerces, occupations etc. We require God’s curing
That’s the communication and entreaty in F Clef’s new music named
LET IT FALL. He calls for the energy of Most High to fall on us and cure us from every unfitness, make us whole and restore us.
spirit musician, composer and praise master, Olufemi Adeagbo professionally known as F Clef, whose knock lone ordained
TO FLY is making movements all over. He decided to up the stake with this new mighty praise lone. The music shows F Clef in another light, a space he hasn’t really depicted
in his preceding bingles but he’s fairly known for in some housings – a praise master. The music LET IT FALL is chosen
to archpriest in God’s curing
in every state. It’s a must listen to everyone who needs curing
and mixture to every illment or state of their lives.

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