Who says you cant slay in your outfits because you are a plus size? With the right fashion tips you will definitely sweep many off their fit and get more noticed than the slim lady with flat stomach hanging next to you.
We love it when our readers look stunning each time they step out despite their size and shape. So we have gathered some amazing tips to help our plus size women look classy and sexy always.

Read the tips below and apply them:

1. Consider your body shape
As a plus size, it is very important that you know your body shape. This will guide you to buy clothes that work perfectly for your shape.
If you’re a round shape, you may want to create shape with your clothes.

If you have an hourglass figure, then you want to show this off. Just make sure your clothes showcase your shape perfectly.

2. Choose what suits you

This style tip is for everyone,not just plus size women, it is very vital to know what works for you.
Just because something’s on-trend doesn’t mean that it will always be flattering.
Some people may be able to pull off the latest trends while others may be better off sticking to more classic styles. So ensure you go with what suits you perfectly.

3. Focus on your favourite body part
Everyone has a part they are proud of in their body, that’s exactly where you show always show off in your wears. Whether it’s your toned legs, killer curves,among others, show it off! Ensure you wear clothes that makes the beauty of your favourite body part obvious.

4. Work with colour
Colours can not only cheer you up, but it has the ability to draw people’s attention to certain areas.

If you want to emphasise your neckline, go with a colourful statement necklace.
If you want to emphasise your waist, choose a colourful top or waist belt.
This style tip for plus size women is about making the most of colour by wearing it on the areas that you want to emphasise.

5. Buy more accessories
One way to stay stylish always is to accessorise with the classic bags, shoes, and jewellery.
Unlike clothes, accessories are much more versatile and user friendly than clothing.
They can also be much more hassle-free than buying clothes.
Make your basic outfits move with the trends by splurging a bit more on must-have accessories.

6. Choose the right undergarments
Making sure you’re wearing the right underwear can make all the difference in showing off your clothes.
It’s all about getting the right foundations.
If you choose well fitting bras and underwear your clothes will sit better, and you’ll feel much more comfortable and confident.

7. Know your measurements
When it comes to style tips for plus size women, make sure you know your measurements.
It’ll minimise confusion when looking at clothing with inconsistent sizing and make online shopping that much easier.

8. Get your right fit
The next couple of style tips for plus size women will look at getting the right fit when it comes to your clothes.
Don’t be afraid to wear fitted or figure hugging outfits, as these can often emphasise your figure.Avoid wearing baggy clothing as this can swamp your shape.
9. Get it tailored
Clothing sizes are fairly generic, so don’t get too worried if a certain item that you love isn’t exactly to your fit. All you need is to find a good tailor so you can get your items adjusted.
It may cost a little bit extra at the time, but in the long run it’ll pay off with the amount of wear you get from your clothing.

If you apply our super fabulous tips you will always pull off chic look.

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