Every woman is beautiful, no matter her skin tone or body size, but it is very critical she goes for things that best suits her unique figure and she will look just perfect.
Although some have preference when it comes to body size and they tend to work towards it, today we are telling you that the most important thing is poise and confidence each expresses when stepping out.As this plays big role in the outfit choose for different purpose.

We have some tricks for all female body types, which if put to use will enable each woman look her best daily. Read below;

1. For curvy women
Women within this category, don;t have much to worry about when it comes to been stylish, their main focus, should to avoid wears that downplaying her figure but rather go for one that complements it perfectly.

A Curvy Woman

Check out these helpful tricks:

  • Buy clothes that would accentuate the hour glass figure. That’s, clothes that nip at the waist, after hugging the upper half of the body are preferable. They help to make   the noticeable curves and display each asset to perfection, laying more emphasis on the hips.Flare tops which nip at the waist can be worn over a form fitting body con skirt. Tucking the shirt know is also another way of accentuating the curves.
  • A shaped skirts or diagonal clothes would downplay the lower half of the body,making it appear smaller and non noticeable, so this isn’t okay for a curvy woman. But wearing clothes that contrast and blend perfectly that also clinch at the waist is also very flattering.
  • Showing a little skin,for evening outings or events especially a little cleavage or a little slit in front for a mild sultry look will give you an aura of class yet maintaining a conservative, not too provocative look.

2. For full figured women
Fixing perfect outfit for full figured women who are  still curvy women is also an easy task. Instead of clothes that clinches at the waist which is  preferred for curvy women, wearing clothes that drape over the body is best for full figues women
Asides the normal jerseys, t-shirts and other everyday clothes, long, stretchy fabrics that can be draped and criss-crossed across the chest is most ideal.

A full figured woman

For this category of women, tailored wears works perfectly. Wearing maxis or baggy clothes can be very boring. Tailored outfits like button ups, straight skirts and trousers and wrap around skirts or gowns are most ideal. They do not draw too much attention to the almost excessive curves but downplays it a little and drapes perfectly around the body.

3. For plump women
Contrary to popular opinion, plump women can also be quite fashionable and are easy to fix stylish wears for. Their clothing options are numerous. However care have to be taking when choosing certain clothing materials like gowns.

A plump woman

Check out these helpful tricks:

  • Plump women can  wear bright colors, in fact it looks very amazing on them so there is no need to avoid bright hued clothes. They contrast beautifully with the figure
  • prints especially magnanimous ones should be avoided. Monochromatic colored clothes of different shades and highlight would fit perfectly. This is to create the simplest and slimmest line which gives them slimmer look.

4. For  masculine women
These are women with accentuated bones and little or no curves. They are usually on the slim side.
The main priority should be to create a curves using clothes as a trick to the eyes. Clothes that would transform the entire physique to a curvy one with accenuated clothes should be chosen, not those that downplays it or over emphasize the skinny figure.

A masculine woman

Check out these helpful tricks:

  • Wearing clothes that clinches and defines the waist is most ideal for this body type. Since the goal is to create a trick of the eyes with clothes, form fitting, waist emphasizing clothes should be worn often.
  • To reduce the masculine look, designs that emphasis their femininity should be chosen. Designs like poufs, pleats and peplums will work perfectly. The same should go for any accessory chosen. Not just in their feminine designs but also in their colors.
  • Clothes with prints of bold colors and patterns can also be worn. Floral clothes can also flatter these curves, giving them  very feminine look.

5. Petite women
Although small in stature, they should avoid clothes that would emphasize their small body mass or make them appear smaller should be worn.

A petite woman

Check out these helpful tricks:

  • Bold and solid colors with little or no patterns and intricate designs are most ideal. This is to ensure that you don’t get lost in the numerous patterns.
  • Lush fabrics like velvet and lace further accentuated the body size. However, layered clothes, especially those with different colors should not be worn. When blended perfectly with a color of similar pallets, these styles will create an astounding and very beautiful look.

The fashion tricks we shared above should be practice when choose wears, so the right ones can be picked for each women’s shape and such woman can always appear amazing.

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