This is a continuation of our yesterday’s article where we took you through who a fashionista truly is, how to stay on top of your game as one and some tips about your wardrobe. So today we are enlighten you about the dressing tips that will help you be a unique and sought after fashionista.
The tips go thus:


  • Learn to mix and match the wears you already have: Many believe acquiring latest trends wears is the only way to be fashionable, but this isn’t true. Your skill of mixing and matching what you already have in your wardrobe can help you slay in your outfit and people won’t even notice whether your wears are trendy or not.


  • Create time to organize your clothes: you need to practice organizing your clothes into different looks at your free time. Spend some quality time trying on different wears together and experimenting to see what looks right on you in front of your mirror. You will definitely discover new great combinations.


  • Know your best fit : you need to figure out what looks good on you and what doesn’t. A wear can be very fashionable but doesn’t suit your body type or style sense. You can discover this by spending good time in front of your mirror to find your perfect combination. The clothes you choose should define your body shape and features. Your best clothes will complement you better rather than make you look unattractive.
A Confident Fashionista [Toke Makinwa’s Instagram]
  • Wear what makes you feel confident: a fashionista needs confidence. For any wear or accessory you choose to buy for your use, ensure that you’re comfortable in them. Just because something is trendy and you wish to get it shouldn’t make you ignore your comfortability. Once you‘re comfortable in your outfit, you will be yourself and this will surely make you feel confidence and look classy.


  • Don’t over-dress: in the cause of looking fashionable, some tends to over glamorous, but really being a top class fashionista is more about simplicity and creativity. So sometimes less is more. You don’t need to wear a fancy dress to school to be a fashionista. Just be yourself and find clothing that you feel represents you well, and make you feel beautiful and confident.


Know The Difference Between Being ‘ A Fashionista’ And ‘A Trend chaser’
After reviewing our previous article  you should now have a grounded knowledge on whether you are a Fashionista or not.
But there’s also a need for us to quickly talk about the difference between a trend chaser and a fashionista, because many are more a trend chaser and less a fashionista. By now you should know the being fashionable comes with having a great sense of your style and a high level of creativity.
Now let’s enlighten  you on who a trend chaser is , so you can know your stand.

Though Trend-chasing exists under the umbrella of fashion, but its not fashion, its completely different!
We are saying it’s wrong to be a trend chaser, but we want you to need to know what you’re truly doing as regards fashion. You need to understand if you trend chase in your entire life just because want to be fashionable, then you will deprive yourself from identifying your own unique style sense which truly defines a FASHIONISTA.

Here’s are few ways to know  you’re trend-chasing:

• Trend chasers are always after what’s new and hot! Always want to be seen slaying the new designs. Infact, they strive to be among the first set of people to have those designs in their closet. Not caring whether they suit their unique style or body shape.

• Trend chasers drain their wallet to get latest designs, they don’t work with budget, and they end up accumulating similar designs from different brands in their wardrobe. Most times they lost count of the wears and accessories they have gotten within a space of three months.

• Most trend chasers end up losing their sense of self appreciation, because they tend to purchase those latest designs just to impress their peers or social media followers. They don’t go extra miles to think outside the box and come up with combinations in line with their unique sense of style. They just want to rock new designs!

These few tips that can help you identify if you’re trend chasing or being fashionable, so you can redirect your attitude towards buying wears and accessories if your goal is to become a FASHIONISTA
From all you have read from us so far, drop your comment for us to know if you’re ‘ A Trend Chaser’ or ‘A Fashionista’

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