Kaya Jones, a former member of the American all girls pop group, known as the Pussycat Dolls has claimed that the group wasn’t a girl’s group as most people thought but it was rather a prostitution ring.

The former Pussycat Doll came out to accuse the group’s founder, Robin Antin and the record label, Interscope A&M Records of sexual abuse.

She made this revelations on her Twitter account owing to the recent allegations of sexual abuse against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

She accused Robin and the record label of pocketing all the money made by the group and only paying them $500 a week.

Kaya also challenged Robin to explain why G.R.L member Simone Battle committed suicide in 2014.

Read her tweets below:

Robin  has however debunked Kaya’s claims in an exclusive interview with The Blast, saying they are “disgusting, ridiculous lies” and Kaya is just “looking for her 15 minutes”.

Antin is suprised Jones is even talking on behalf of The Pussycat Dolls, because she says Jones was actually just on a trial and never an official member of the group.  She says Jones was just one of the many girls that auditioned for the group over the years, but ended up washing out and never became a permanent fixture.

Antin is especially outraged that Jones would bring up former G.R.L. member Simone Battle‘s suicide, saying it’s not just “nasty,” but it’s unfathomable and disrespectful to everyone who works towards suicide prevention and awareness.  Antin says bringing up a suicide in such a brazen way not only scars the family, but the millions of people that loved and cared for Simone.

Sources close to The Pussycat Dolls tell us the group’s lawyer has been contacted and is drafting a legal letter to send to Jones warning her to stop spreading lies and damaging the brand, or face the legal consequences.

None of the other members have said anything about the allegations as at the time of this report.

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