Hello yummy mommies!

Today we bring to you tips on how to stay in shape after childbirth.
Off course motherhood is a very interesting life journey to embark on starting from the day one of your pregnancy period till the day you bring forth your child to the world.
Then another phase of an exciting journey starts from the moment you hold your baby in your hands, the joy is overwhelming right? Yes, we understand all that and we are happy with you as well.
Now let’s talk about keeping in you in shape after having your baby so you can look appealing to yourself and your husband as well.
Read below the tips we have for you:


Though it is quite challenging getting an adequate sleep while nursing a new born but you need to understand that you have to find your way around that. Because it will help you stay not just in shape but healthy.
Research has shown that nursing mothers who slept at least seven hours every night are very far from the risk of being obese or having big belly. And this is because sleep affects many hormones in our body, one big one being cortisol.

So you need to take advantage of nights you can get more sleep, and even find means to create more of such times because your body needs it!


We understand that this is a norm for most mothers but we will like to emphasis on the importance of breastfeeding.

Incase you’re not aware, breastfeeding is a great way to burn extra calories and bond with your baby. Especially in those first months after giving birth, breastfeeding can greatly improve weight loss.
Livestrong.com reports that a 2013 study in Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics and Gynocology found that women who breastfed exclusively were able to lose the baby weight more easily during those first six months postpartum.


If you really want to stay healthy and in shape after childbirth you need to limit your intake of sugaryfoods because they lead to nflammation in the body, and gluten which can cause bloating, slowing down the return of your flat belly.
Inflammation can affect your metabolism and hormones so decreasing those inflammatory foods can help speed up your progress. So opt for healthy foods like veggies, proteinous foods like chicken,red meat,nuts and other healthy foods you know of.


You need to make your body flexible by getting involve in physical activities that will aid that. Exercise is great for decreasing stress, and decreasing stress can also make losing weight easier. The key is choosing exercises that makes you feel more energized afterwards, while avoiding workouts that zap your energy.

Do exercises that will improve your body shape and burn calories more.  Once again do away with workouts that  leads to you feeling exhausted.

Also to do a good exercise and achieve your body  shape  goal fast,  find a partner who can do it with you.

Livestrong.com confirmes this by making it clear that the muscles need to work together for optimal function of your core. So Flfocusing on re-strengthening your core postpartum, even before starting “abdominal” exercises, is something you can practice throughout your day while sitting, standing and exercising.

Here are some helpful tips from Livestrong.com to follow for this:

• Inhale to relax your pelvic floor muscles, exhale to gently “zip up” your pelvic floor and transverse abdominals.
• Stand, sit and move with your core. Engage you abs during everyday activities.
• Lengthen tall through the top of your head (ie. maintain good posture) to strengthen your core and help flatten your belly postpartum.


• Before you start exercising again, make sure you get the go-ahead from your doctor to resume physical activity. This usually occurs around your six-week postpartum check-up, though it can take longer if you had any complications during delivery

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