Although difficult to pair with some clothing owing to their complex designs , diverse colors and pattern, stripes wears add different facet to your dress sense and give you a sense of style.

Most people avoid wearing stripes because of the following mistakes those seen wearing it make:

1. Color combination
Stripes in most cases comes with more than one color. This is usually to set off the crisscrossed or patterned vertical or horizontal lines. Most people often ignore this and instead wear clothing that will clash woefully with the striped clothing item.

2. How it is worn
Well, how and where stripe clothing is worn matters. Are you wearing it to a formal event? What type of shoes are you wearing? Your trousers?

3.What it is worn with
Like other wears, your accessories matters. You can’t just choose to wear stripes on patterned clothing, each with different colors. You have to learn how to combine them into a way that they blend together as though one.

For decades. Striped clothing has become the fashion staple for men. It has become majorly associated with men’s clothing, especially with formal attires like suits.
Stripes come in different sizes and colors. What then should become top most priority is knowing the right size that would best suit your body type. Some stripes, usually the thin lined vertical stripes can make you appear tall and gangly. The spacious or large stripes can make a plump person appear larger and shorter. It is there fore very essential that one knows the right kind of stripes that best complement an individual’s body type instead of making you appear without a fashion style.

Another thing that should be considered is matching these striped clothing items correctly. Striped items can include ties, trousers, shirts, and even shoes.
What you match these exotic clothing pieces with matches a lot. You can’t match a striped fashion item and a floral designed clothing. That would end up knocking a clothing disaster.

One should also put into consideration the way in which he can best pair these colored items.
It is not advisable to wear stripes and floral items. However. You can wear stripes on stripes clothing each with different Colors and still look fabulous. Most striped fashion items mostly come in flashy colors on order to perfectly set off these Criss-crossed lines.

There are several ways you can wear stripes and still look fashionable without fear of being termed a fashion blockage. The most important points have been listed below:

1. Stripes on suits
For decades, this has become the most fashionable item for guys. Of course the most fashionable way to best pair stripes on clothing is in suits. Suits, a formal attire for men is an essential fashion item. Usually worm with ties, the best way to wear them without making the clothes boring is by adding a striped item, especially the ties. Stripes suits, also called line-striped suits. Although quite popular, stripes have been around for decades and is only just becoming well recognised

There several rules that govern how men should wear striped suit
Rule 1: if you are going to wear stripes, choose an even toned shirt. You can best go for a solid color if you want something nice and cool. Choose a shirt with a color that best sets off the stripes to perfection. Stripes itself are glaring, try not to choose a shirt that would add to the glaring quality of the stripes. Youan downplay stripes but you can touch it up so that it blends perfectly with any given clothing of choice.

Rule 2: if you are going to be wearing stripes avoid wearing stripes of the same width.
If you have every intention of appearing daring and adventurous, striped on striped is the perfect t option for you. However you must be careful and not wear two striped items of the same width. It is a major fashion faux pas.
It is also best to avoid wearing a striped tie, after wearing two striped items. This is so that the stripes does not become too much and become glaring. In every disaster there is a sense if style but when over played, the style cancel out.

2. Semi formal outfits
You can wear a striped clothing g items to a semi formal event. Stripes items like striped blazers on a t-shirt and Jean or chinos trousers is perfect

3. The size of stripes matters
The different sizes of stripes on shirts and t-shirts matters a lot. They have the ability to increase or downplay your sense of style
When wearing shirts e.g dress shirts. The stripe lines should be vertical and thin. Too large stripes lines would downplay the style of the t-shirt, making it look ordinary and styleless.

For t-shirts or knits, horizontal striped lines would look fabulous. It accentuates the width of the chest, giving one an exaggerated body building shape.

4. Stripes on the beach
Stripes are well suited for beach purpose so much that looks as though it was created just for this purpose alone. For beach hang outs, you can never go wrong with stripes. Choose cool colors like blue on white. However try not to wear stripe know stripe it would be too much.

So guys apply the above tips when wearing stripes and you will always slay!

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